Jul 3, 2012

Two Jobs and Tall Noses

Well, i haven't posted anything substantial for a while.  Most of my days just consist of work- not that it's a bad thing because hey, i have a job (two now, actually!)- but it's just not anything really blog-worthy.  I always think about all the things i could write about my kids though, but i could probably write a whole entry about each one of them!  Which, i think i might when i get around to it.
But about the two-job thing.. my boss was having difficulties with being able to get my visa renewed for some technicality or another (it's a small business/new business/daycare-hiring-an-English-teacher?  I don't know... in short, Immigration here is stupid.  Not as stupid as it is in the US but still..).  SO.  I got right online to find something on Gaijinpot.  Low and behold the night i checked the site the company one of my former housemates used to work at a few stations away had just posted a listing.  I sent them my resume and heard back from them by the end of the week to set up an interview.  Last week was my first week with them.  The pay is good, i get paid holidays, visa support, etc... The contract is only until March too, which is fine.  Working two jobs 9am-9pm five days a week is not something i think i can keep up for too long.  I don't know how the salary men here can do it.  I've talked to people who often work 14 or more hours a day...  That's insane.
But anyway, it's fine for now.  My time at University was even more insane than this, so i know i can do it.  I have another game plan for the future which i'm quite excited for and the money from this is just what i need. :)

Aside from that nothing else really.  My weekends keep me sane.  Sometimes i do fun things, sometimes just poop around and relax.  Roomie is back in the States now for a friend's wedding so it's just me.  Last weekend i entertained myself by going around Tokyo (Ueno, Harajuku, Shin-Okubo) to look for birthday gifts and check another DonQuijote for a little travel suitcase i've been wanting.  All the ones in my area were out of the design i wanted, and everywhere else i look didn't have very cute suitcases and they were all very expensive.
By chance, after my day out in Tokyo i stopped by the Donki at my station to look at their sunglasses since mine broke, and much to my joy they had it back in stock!  I've been checking DonQuijotes for probably 3 months now, lol.  My persistence finally paid off.

I just had to have the purple-and-black-checked one

Had quite an interesting encounter at the Donki that night too.  If you read my Facebook posts you've already heard about this (translated):
‎(Today, at the DonQuijote)
Good-Looking Guy: What nationality are you?
Me: American
GLG: American? You're good at Japanese.
Me: Oh, no not really... (Can you tell from just one word??)
GLG: Your nose is tall/high!
Me: .... yeah, so I'm told.
(GLG's friend appears)
GLG: Well, thanks! (To his friend) She said she's American!

I was left just kind of baffled.  Oddly enough i've had strikingly similar conversations before, either having my Japanese complimented after having said something as stupid as 'thank you' or 'one peach and whip cream crepe please'.  And the "tall nose" thing too.  Curse my tall-nosedness.  I am told it is a good thing.  Still, it's funny the kinds of things they notice.  Before coming here i never thought about the height of one's nose.  (If you don't know what that's about, just look at the pictures of an Asian side profile and a Caucasian one.  You should be able to tell).

Enough rambling for now, i'm off to bed.  Might get around to uploading some recent pictures sometime soon.

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