Mar 6, 2013

The Home Stretch

The end is in sight!  Nine mind-numbing and painful months.  My "due date" is now less than two weeks away.. And if we're talking only working days, there are only nine of those left!

Last day:  March 19th.

Then I can go back to having a semi-normal life.  One job.  A little more time in the mornings/evenings to do something other than come home, eat, check Facebook, sleep.
No more dealing with all the BS of that company.  Good God I could write a book about it all!

It will certainly be bittersweet though.  I will miss my students dearly, though some of them are going to other schools so I wouldn't get to see them anyway even if I did stick around.
And my coworkers.  They have certainly helped to ease the pain, and have helped pull me through this metaphorical desert I have been dragging myself through.  Coworker C and Coworker M, especially.  My legs gave out (again, metaphorically) a while back and I would've just given up without their support.  Wonderful, wonderful people.  As Coworker M said today, "This company has hired so many good people that they just don't know what to do with."  They are indeed going to be losing a great group of teachers. 

I uploaded my chocolate-making video like I said I would a couple posts back.  It's in the sidebar to the right (which you can see if you're reading this from my blog's website).  

I also mentioned in that same post that I would have my first driving-experience in Japan.  It was nothing terribly exciting.  I was freaked out at first when we were shown the car I would be driving at the rental place- a rather large moving-van-sized truck.
I did pretty good though.  No driving down the wrong side of the road.  No accidents or pedestrian casualties, though there were a couple times we almost lost the side mirror.  Thing stuck out way too far, and with the very narrow roads here, well...  I did turn on the windshield wipers a couple times too when trying to turn on the blinker.
The only terrible thing was that what should've only taken two hours or so each way took nearly four hours each way, thanks to the new Apple Maps application or whatever.  Never, ever use it.  You may as well just try to find your way without any directions at all, for all the help it is.  In the end, tired and frustrated with a throbbing headache, S's phone finally gave out and my phone's handy-dandy navi saved the day.  Got us right back on track and we were kicking ourselves for not just using it in the first place.
Got some video footage of that venture so I will have to compile and post that soon too.

This weekend's plan- attend Coworker C's wedding!  Looking forward to it.  :)

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