Jul 20, 2013

Fancy and Exciting Dinners

Getting a little behind on updates again.  Here are some pictures from the end of June.  Roomie, S, and I were invited to a very fancy dinner by one of S's old students.  She's a very nice lady and she and her husband are pretty well off, so they like spoiling us. ;)

megami7's Fancy dindin album on Photobucket

And then Ash just arrived at the end of June for her summer study abroad, so we met up the day after Super Fancy Din-din, for a Super Exciting Din-din at a cool jail/haunted house-themed restaurant called The Lock-Up.

They have crazy food like black spaghetti..
..and crazy drinks like this!

And here is a video I took.  You can't really see much but flashing lights and hear a bunch of screaming, but every hour in the restaurant all the lights go out and workers come out dressed as monsters and go around scaring everyone, then the waitress police women come out and "rescue" everyone and round up the monsters.  There are a few locations around Japan, and while it's not the cheapest place it's still a fun experience.

Next up: pictures and stuff from my Fuji weekend!


Judith said...

First of all: Amazing view. Second, the dinner is so fancy I don't recognise what any of the food is (except maybe the baby squid?).

-chai- said...

Yes! There was baby squid, and a lobster claw, and the swirly thing next to the lobster claw was pasta... most of the other stuff I can't remember what it was. And a lot of it I didn't even know what it was while I was eating it. It was still pretty good though!

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