Sep 20, 2013

August Catch-up

Just got back the other day from a nice little trip through Kyoto (京都) and Kagoshima (鹿児島), but more on that later as I just wanna do a quick little update for August.

Though I've forgotten most of what happened last month already!

Well, luckily Roomie writes down a lot of what we do on her calender, so if I can just decode it...

Ah, looks like a fireworks festival the first Saturday of the month- the Ichikawa Fireworks Festival (市川花火大会).  Roomie, Ash, Yuu, and a couple old friends (we'll call them Aya and HS) from UW all went.  Wore our yukata/jinbei, brought lots of snacks and drinks, enjoyed the not-too-hot evening by the river, then came back home to play with sparklers and stuff on our balcony.

Look, got my hurr all did up and everything!

The sunset, and the crowds waiting

The following weekend was a surprise party for HS.  Lots of food and drinks and fun again.  And some crazy dancing.

Sunday the 25th Roomie and I met up with Gaki-chan, Ma-chan, and S for some delicious Korean foods and crazy mango creme-filled taiyaki in Kichijoji (吉祥寺; the restaurant is 韓味楽, decent priced and soooo good, definitely recommend going during lunch time), followed by the big festival in Azabu-juban (麻布十番祭り).

Other than that, August was mostly just work, a couple other random outings with Roomie, a few dates here and there with the Boy..
Mmhm.  You know, same-old same-old.

And now I'm at the final countdown- only a week or so before I leave and it still really hasn't hit me.  And I still have so much left to do.  Why am I sitting here writing silly blog posts??
Oh that's right.  Yes, I don't mean to brag but I happen to be an expert procrastinator.
I'll get this post up so I can go procrastinate some more.  :D


Gina said...

Can't believe you'll be leaving so soon. Come back though, of course! : ) And have fun back in the states too. : )

I think like you said, coming back with a student visa sounds like a great idea.

Looks like you all have been having loads of fun! That mango taiyaki looked so good!

-chai- said...

Thanks, Gina! Of course I'll be back in just a few short months, and will try to enjoy as much of my time there as I can too :)

I hope it's a good idea, and turns out to be a good experience! I tend to act on my whims, but it's worked for me so far!

And it was, quite good ;)

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