Mar 1, 2017

A Walk Along Kamogawa

First off, I want to say I recently discovered I had comments awaiting moderation from my "Guess who's back" post that I missed... When I made the following Valentine's Day post I said something to the extent of "I dunno if anyone is even reading this anymore", which I hope didn't give anyone the wrong idea, because I'm aware that there are people still following along so... yeah. I guess in short I wanna stay thank you for the comments and for still reading!

Now, onto the main point of this post. Which is nothing special really I just wanted to share some scenery from my wanderings today. I volunteered to participate in a short research study at Kyoto University this morning, and since the weather was quite mild today - the numbing chill of winter has finally let up it seems - I brought along my camera and after the study was over decided to walk home. It's quite a long walk, but along the Kamogawa River (鴨川) is very serene, so it's a refreshing way to clear the mind. Right now the colors are still rather dull, but by the end of this month the cherry blossoms will be blooming and the walk along the river will be colorful once again.

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