Mar 29, 2011

Balloon-Face and Babies

While i have been longing for my Seattle home and family, i have been enjoying my lazy, school- and work-free days, and the warmth and sunshine here with my family.  Except for this whole swollen balloon-face thing i've got going on here, but i'll get to that.

Sooo, Tuesday.  Got in that night and my mum picked me up from the airport.  Got home and said hi to my sisters, and to my new baby nephew for the first time!  Wednesday, while my mom was at work, me and my sisters went to my older sister's friend's house to visit, so she could see baby Q for the first time too.  She also gave my sisters pedicures, they both got awesome sparkley toenails, while i opted out since i never wear sandals anyway..  Also got my Sonic fix before we went there.. yummmm, cream slushes!  Little sister had to go to work afterward, but when mum got off work the 3 of us plus baby went to the salad bar/buffet where she works and had dinner there.  
Thursday.. i don't really remember! It must've not been very exciting.
But Friday.. Friday was definitely no fun.  Got up early to take my mom to work again so we'd have the car at home to use if we needed it.  Got home and showered, but put my PJ's back on afterward, as my little sister was taking me to the oral surgeon's to get my wisdom teeth out.  What fun!  I'm no stranger to the oral surgeon though- i've had soooo much work done on my mouth and so many teeth pulled/surgically removed.. honestly i'm sure i've lost less than 5 teeth naturally on my own.
Anyway, after not having been to the dentist for the past 5 years (due to no insurance, and a bit of resentment toward the practice, considering!) I went to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth out.  Sister dropped me off, i filled out some papers and the surgeon took me back to look at the x-ray and discuss the whole procedure.  My teeth were pretty deep, at quite an angle, and pretty impacted.  Told me they were going to be pretty difficult to get out, would take about an hour, and i'd be pretty swollen and sore for a few days.  Yay.  But what can you do?  Went to the operating room, they gave me some laughing gas before giving me the IV to knock me out.  Last thing i remember is telling the surgeon and his assistant about the time i had to have an IV in my hand for a week and give myself drips 3 times a day, lol.
Next thing i knew i was waking up in the recovery room.  I got my phone to text my sister to make sure she was on her way to get me, and i guess i also made a post on Facebook too, though i don't remember doing it!  "in the recovery room... is this real life? i feel funny." (For those who don't know, David After Dentist).
Anyway, the surgeon had said i'd swell up, and swell up i did!  It looks like each cheek gained about 20 lbs.  It's gone down a bit now, but still looking a bit balloon-like.  Got me some nice drugs (actually, not so nice.. even with food they made me feel a bit nauseous) and passed out in my bed at home.  Whole first day i felt like i'd been in some drunken brawl- was all woozy from the drugs and felt like i'd been punched in the mouth, and that numbing stuff made me feel like i had a fat lip. 
Second day i felt like i had lock-jaw.  Also felt like an old person, since all i'd been able to eat since the procedure was soft mushy things.  Kept an ice pack on my face the whole 2 days too.  
Slowly regaining the use of my jaw now though, and can eat things that are a little more solid.  Can still only open it so far, and my cheeks are still fat enough that i have to be careful when eating, so as not to crunch down on them.

Now, enough about my woes!  I managed to go to my neice's 1st birthday party the day after the surgery, so i'll share pictures from that, as well as other random ones from the past few days:

My nephew and neice (middle and right) and their cousin (left). They've gotten so big!

Baby neice, enjoying her first birthday cake.

My mum with baby Q, at the birthday party

The kids came over the next day. This is them being silly with the oranges they got to pick from our neighbor's tree

Q in his stroller. My older sister L and i took him to the park for the first time :) But he slept through most of it

L and Q, in the backyard

Now, the dogs. Here's Kobie, "boo-ing". She's a big furry beast.

Darby, the monkey-face.

And Arctic, my sweet old girl :)

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