Mar 26, 2011


Leaving Seattle was definitely a very, very difficult thing to do. Seattle had become my home, even more so than Phoenix where i was born and spent the first 20 years of my life. I grew and accomplished so much there, and met so many amazing people, and even had my own little family there too (S, J, and i.. the Inseparable Trio).

I finished my last day of school on Tuesday the 15th, and am now officially graduated with my BA in Japanese Language and Linguistics. The day was rather bittersweet, as i left the classroom for the last time and walked through campus, no longer a student. The sakura in the Quad were just starting to bud, and i found that rather symbolic..

We did as many get-togethers and fun things as we could this month before we left. Got a group together for karaoke one night and sang out little hearts out to Will Smith, Spice Girl, etc.. all sorts of fun songs.

Had a little going away party one night, met up again another night with some others for dinner then drinking back at our place:

(Everyone on "My Bed" in my room)

The guy on the top right was a friend of a friend.. we'd met him once before, but that was the first night we'd actually really hung out with him. Turned out to be a really awesome guy, just sucks we didn't meet him until right before we were leaving!

Last Saturday i had a fun little nomikai (drinking get-together) with my coworkers, sans my awesome assistant manager.. he sadly couldn't make it.. We all met up at a little dive bar near work and had some drinks, chatted, and played darts. Our manager then invited us to go hang out for a bit on the roof of her apartment, it was awesome. The roof has chairs, tables, and benches set up and it's really nice and has an amazing view of Puget Sound and downtown. They all signed a huge card for me too and gave me some gifts. I'll really miss working with those guys!

The big card everyone signed for me

Sunday, the day after the coworker drinking party, i had my second interview with Amity. The info meeting and group interviews were on Saturday, and those they felt did well were called back for a second interview. Felt really good about the one on Saturday, but not so much about the one on Sunday. We'll see though. They have about a month to get back to me..
After the interview i went and took a little walk through campus. It was nice and sunny and i wanted to get some pictures of the budding cherry blossoms since i wouldn't get to see them in full bloom.

S, J, and i all just hung out Sunday night. Friend C was there too, she had pretty much spent the whole weekend with us before we left. I tried to finish sorting and packing that night too. We all got up early Monday morning to go to breakfast before J had to work. Went to the really nice local/organic cafe just down the street from us, I got some really amazing French toast that came with the toppings bar- just bowls of fruit and berries, whipped cream, maple syrup, and other delicious toppings.

As amazing as it looks

Yeah, it was a little too early for us

S doing her typical creepy face

Said my goodbyes to J and he headed off to work. I scrambled to finish packing. My dad arrived around noon with some large suitcases for me to put my clothes in. I finished the last few boxes, he loaded them up into the car, then i said my tearful goodbyes to S and C. Got into the car, my dad drove off, and i left my city for good.
Just like that.
Who knows, i may be back, but it will just never be the same.

Stopped by my aunt's house on the way to my dad's. I was so tired i pretty much slept the entire 4-hour car ride. Stayed the night at my dad's, and had lunch together the next day before he and his wife took me and all of my luggage to the airport in Portland that evening.
Been in Phoenix since Tuesday night, and while i've definitely been having a good time visiting my mum, my sisters, and my new baby nephew, i still feel really displaced. I miss my little Seattle family and my life there, and it makes me sad to think that i'm not going back..
I would write about the fun going-ons from the past couple days here, but i'll save that for another post. Just had my wisdom teeth out (oooh, joy!) and just took another Percocet which is starting to make me nauseous and drowsy again. Time to pass out now!

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Judith said...

It's always scary to get done with one stage of your life and then not knowing how things will continue.
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you with the Amity job! I'm sure it went better than you think!

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