Sep 20, 2011

Catching up

Still leeching off my neighbor's internet, but it's been good enough today so i thought i'd make a post.

Biggest news recently-  ...i've moved!  The hoikuen/daycare i was working at 3 days a week wanted me to start working there semi-full time, and they offered me an apartment too.  It was definitely a hard decision, but hey, money talks trannies walk (sorry, Youtube video reference there...)  So i agreed, and moved out of the guesthouse where i got to live in exchange for "working" there 2 days a week.  It's the longest i'd stayed in one place since i got to Japan, just over 4 months.  The guys there were all awesome, and it was nice having people to talk to and hang out with at night.  It's definitely very quiet here in comparison.  Yet.. very clean!  No roach sightings yet *knocks on wood*, and no mosquitoes bothering me either.  But i sure will miss all the crazy drawings on the white board, hanging out on the rickety old chairs out front and getting yelled at by grumpy old intolerant men, and scaring my unsuspecting housemates.

Which reminds me, i have a pretty great story about that.  The scaring my housemate thing started a while ago, because one day i somehow happened to be standing right in front of the door right when he opened it three times in a row.  We laughed at it the third time, and i jokingly said, "From now on, anytime you open a door i'll be standing right there!"  After that, i tried to make that happen as much as possible.  I get such joy from scaring people, i can't explain why.  My poor coworker P from my job in Seattle suffered quite a bit because of that, since her reactions were so great that i couldn't help but scare her any time i had the chance.  But back to my housemate- a couple weeks ago, he had gone out for a walk late at night.  I was in my room about to go to bed when i heard the door unlocking, and knowing that it was him coming back from his walk i thought it would be the perfect opportunity to be waiting at the door to scare him.  I bolted out of my door and went to make the immediate sharp turn to get to the back door, which was not a brilliant idea while wearing socks and running on slick laminate floors.  I crashed, landing on one knee, just as he opened the door.  Not quite what i had in mind, but he was still a bit startled to see me "crawling toward him in the dark hallway".  My knee was quite beaten though, and is still sporting a very colorful bruise!  That was my last scare attempt though.  Lesson learned!
My supernova bruise!
I'm only a couple stops away from my old place though, and we have some movie nights planned soon too (Princess Bride, for the win!), and Mr. Boss Man has said he will invite me to any of the Saturday night parties that take place (which are supposed to happen once a month, but there was only one held in the four months that i was there!) so i will get to go back and see some of the students.  On my last two days teaching there i got gifts from a few of the students, including this shirt that the student decorated herself.  She's done calligraphy for many years, and likes to bestow her calligraphied gifts upon us.  This is the first i've gotten from her, and it made me happy.  :)  She had asked me a week before what my favourite Japanese word is, and after thinking for a bit i answered "wagamama", which means "selfish", haha.  Can't say i really have a favourite word though, but i do enjoy saying this one for sure.  Rolls off the tongue quite nicely.  :)  She has an exhibition coming up soon, being held down the street from me so i'll definitely be going to see it!
I'll get pictures of the new place up once i get a few more little organizing necessities.  Had intended to do that last night, but all my errands/shopping excursions yesterday ended up being a bust.  Today was quite exhausting so i'll probably be heading off to bed soon.  Thankfully this is a short week (holiday yesterday, and also on Friday!) and this weekend is looking to be quite exciting!


Rochelle said...

Goodluck with the new place. I look forward to reading more posts. :)

-phx- said...

Thank you for reading and for the comment, Rochelle!

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