Sep 1, 2011

Battle of the bugs continues

So, last night (technically this morning) around 3am i went to go use the bathroom, only to find this nasty creature chilling on the wall right next to my door.

I screamed, but will spare myself the embarrassment of sharing the details of just how much of a baby i really am when it comes to roaches.  Especially huge ones like that.  And why, why is it always my room??  Although, housemate G did share a horrifying story about how, sometime last week, he put on his shoes one morning to walk to the bathroom, and suddenly felt something wriggling under his bare toes.  Pulled his foot out of his shoe to find a cockroach who had tried to make the shoe its home.  I would've been mortified, and while i have been checking my shoes frequently since the whole roach-falling-out-of-the-A/C incident, that story has made me check and double-check my shoes thoroughly each time before putting them on.

The mosquitoes too are still pretty relentless.  Just smacked one to death in my room.. If there's not a blood-smear, sometimes i leave their dead bodies there for a bit in hopes that other mosquitoes will take that as a warning to GTFO.  Seriously.  Because i'm sick of being itchy and sick of walking around looking like i've got some sort of weird disease, because my ghostly skin tends to over-react to the bites and they turn all sorts of shades of red and purple as they heal.

Ain't that just attractive?

Today was my day off, and since i had a bit of money saved in my wallet from the week i decided to go on a mini shopping-spree.. it had been a while since i'd been able to just do some fun shopping!  So i hopped on the train to Shinōkubo- the Korean town of Tokyo- and did a little shopping there.  Got a few little gifts, then against my better judgement i decided to walk to Harajuku instead of taking the train.  It was overcast all day (signs of the approaching typhoon) and not hot, but man it was humid as all hell!  Took me about 40 minutes (found a Japanese Communist Party Central Committee building along the way, and though i had stopped to get a picture of it, as soon as i had gotten my camera out a security guard had come out of the building and i was afraid he would start heckling me if i took a picture..), and by the time i got to the store i was wanting to go to i felt like i had just sat in a sauna with my clothes on, and my humidity-sensitive hair was in a frizzy disarray.  
Anyway, my store of destination was the Thank You Mart, where everything is 390yen.  This is a bit of a play on words, since the Japanese pronunciation of "thank you" turns into "sankyuu", thanks to the lack of 'th'-sound (amongst many other sounds).  Well, san means 3, and kyuu means 9.. add a 0 on the end- cuz 39yen couldn't buy you crap- and you get a Sankyuu (390yen/thank you) Mart!  I seriously love these stores, i go in there and i go crazy, because there's so much cool stuff and, oh what?  It's only 390yen?!?!  GIMME!  *random note- typhoon is creeping in now, it's pouring pretty good!*  I have to practice self-restraint and limit myself to getting 1 outfit per visit, and maybe an accessory, and tell myself that i can always get more next week after i get paid.  Came away this time with a pretty good outfit, methinks.  Two tank-tops (i thought they looked good layered), a pair of shorts, and a cool scarf since i'm a scarf addict and the 5 i have with me just aren't enough!
Btw- i know i've been in Japan too long because i just noticed the Engrish on the shirt when i posted this.  Yay Athretics!!
Don't mind the ugly, smelly bear-skin blanket it's on- i keep that folded up under my fitted sheet to give me some cushioning against the probably 20-year-old mattress that has been worn down to just springs.
Not really bear skin, but it looks and smells like it could possibly be.
And it's probably been over half of my life since i've owned a pair of shorts this short.  However, the style here is to wear tights or leggings with shorts, which is something i figured i could do since wearing just short shorts like that makes me feel naked and makes me realize how ghostly and translucent and stickly my legs really are.  The leggings i tried on at the Thank You Mart were faaaaaar too tight though, so these shorts will have to wait til i can find a good cute pair to wear with them.
Oh, and that scarf- it's huge!

Can totally hide myself with it!

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Gina said...

Do you ever wonder why all bugs and even crows are so mega-sized here? : ) I wonder that sometimes. I walked into a Ministop the other night, Noboru said, look a cockroach...I squealed, I hate to admit it, but I did. We were walking from car to Ministop and the roach was walking around in the parking lot. And the crows, in the US, they'd be the ones afraid. Here, they are like 2-3 times the size and they see my car driving down the road, they're not intimidated in the least they don't even fly away, they just slowly walk to the side of the road. @_@ They're tough.

Very cute clothes you picked up!

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