Aug 29, 2011

Any dream analysts out there?

I used to be really good at remembering my dreams after waking up.. i even remember the first dream i recall having; i was probably about 4 years old, and it was the only black-and-white dream i ever remembered having too.  I dreamt i was walking through my house, no one was home.. i walked into my parents' room and went into their walk-in closet.  Standing there between the hanging clothes was Ronald McDonald, and then he jumped out at me brandishing machetes in both hands.
Kind of traumatizing.. 
But ever since the end of high school it's become rather rare for me to remember my dreams at all.  Even when i do remember them they're really hard for me to convey in words because they are so obscure and disjointed i just can't explain them properly.
Last night's dream, however, i remember quite well.  While it too is pretty obscure and disjointed, i just had to write about it so i won't forget it- though this one i think will actually be hard for me to forget!

In my dream i had stumbled upon some weird, underground fetish gathering.  It was literally underground, in some catacombs underneath the city sidewalks (what city i'm not sure, just one my mind had made up i guess).  I observed them for a while from afar, as they did their fetish-y things and dancing and suspensions and such.  As i was leaving, i found a dead body somewhere along the way back up to ground level.  The body was completely wrapped in duct tape, like a cocoon, except for the head.  The person was on their back but their head was tilted up, eyes wide open with a look of horror frozen on their face, and it was almost as if they were looking at me.  I heard someone from the fetish gathering approaching, and i somehow knew that this person was the one who had killed the one that was lying there.  When the girl came into view and saw me, we got into a scuffle.  At this point we were somehow back on street level, and were fighting around what looked like a subway entrance, which i think was the entrance to the catacombs where the gathering was being held.  I bludgeoned the girl pretty good, but each time she was down she'd get up again and come at me.  Nothing was said but in my mind i knew she would try to kill me.  I had to keep beating her and kicking her down.. i didn't want to kill her but was afraid i would have to or else she would kill me.  Finally i stood on top of her to keep her down, and that managed to work, but i couldn't go anywhere because as soon as i'd get off her she'd be at me again.
I was in tears at this point from the adrenaline, the fear of killing this person, and the fear that she would kill me, but when i looked over to my left there was an Italian restaurant called Mario & Luigi's.  And would you believe that when i glanced inside, there actually was Mario and Luigi?  Real human Mario and Luigi, like from the really crappy live-action Mario Brothers movie from the 90s, except Mario was extremely obese and crotchety.  I called out to them for help, and they brought over a table and served us food.  Both of us- me and the psycho homicidal girl i was standing on.  I don't remember exactly how the girl ate while she was lying down with me standing on her, but she did.  Maybe Luigi fed her under the table or something, i don't know.
I finished eating, and was like, well that was some good food but i'm still in a bit of a predicament..  They then handed me a Squeez-It (remember those?).  There were three layers of colors i had to drink through in one bottle, then there was a last layer at the end that had these little capsules in it.  I had to squeeze the bottle to pop the capsules one-by-one, and each capsule i popped would propel me up into the air, the bottle acting like a jet-pack.  So i managed to escape by flying away using a Squeez-It bottle with magical jet-propelling capsules inside. 
I was finally far enough away from the psycho girl when i landed that i finally felt safe.  I was in an unknown part of town- though i guess really the whole city was unknown- and it was nighttime.  The streets were deserted, but as i started walking i saw Sulley and the other monster from Mosters, Inc. walking down the other side of the street from me.
And that's all i remember.  I think i woke up shortly after that.

I think i might start chronicling my dreams more often.  People sometimes keep dream diaries, so if i have weird/freaky/interesting enough dreams, i'll use this as my dream diary.


Erin likes it hot. said...

Crap you found the ground level guard I killed at my fetish/suspension party and then you stole my squeeze it!

Whatevski, the jet pack never worked for me anyway.
Found you on the expat chat group, over at 20sb.
I'm really into travel blogs so I I have high hopes for yours. Feel free to check out mine!

mei said...

Haha, thanks for the awesome comment!

I hope my blog lives up to all of your expectations. Will be following yours as well!

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