Aug 18, 2011

Hisashiburi ni BESTIES!

Nothing too exciting going on recently.  This week was Obon so a lot of people had a few days or a whole week off.  Not me however.  The daycare i work at Monday through Wednesday wasn't closed for the holiday, and the place i work at on Fridays and Saturdays is only closed until today, so we're open again for the days that i'm supposed to work, lucky me!

I did have a lot of fun last week/weekend though!  J had last week off for Obon so he came up to Tokyo on Wednesday.  After work that night i hopped a train to Ueno to meet him and our other friend Sho-sho!  I led J to the hostel he was staying at, since it was the same one S and i had stayed at in May so i knew where it was.  Then we went to get some dinner.  Found a neat little place not far from his hostel and had all sorts of sushi and different fried things and drinks, before moving on to Denny's for desserts. :)

We were surprised at how quiet it was in there, we felt like we had to whisper the whole time.  It might've just been the area, or the time (though, from my experience Denny's are loud even late at night!) but the atmosphere just wasn't very Denny's-ish!  Still, we sat and talked for a long time before we realized that it was after midnight, and i had missed my last train!  So i had to wait around until the trains started running again.  Finally got to sleep at 6am, before i had to wake up again at 11am to go meet J.  We just hung out around Ueno, trying to find things to do indoors since it was so stinking hot and we were super sweaty.  Walked through Ueno Park, then went and got some really delicious pizza at a restaurant just in front of Ueno Zoo, and sat in there and talked for a couple hours.  Walked up Ameyayokocho to look at all the little shops, stopped in to Tsutaya to browse the books, then had a short rest at a cafe before i decided i'd better head home.

Had to work Friday until 9pm, though i did get off a little early because no students came for the last hour.  Headed off to Shinjuku to meet up with J again, and our friends Yu-yu and Mr. Rich Man!  We walked around a bit, popped in to an arcade and wasted some money on some claw machines.  Well, they wasted their money on it, i opted to save my money for Taiko no Tatsujin.  :)  Afterwards we headed to a bowling alley for to play a couple rounds.  Tons of fun!  I beat everyone the first game, but completely sucked the second time around.  That's how it usually is for me whenever i go bowling for some reason..

We then headed to a gay bar, at Yu-yu's suggestion, for some drinks.  I guess it's a bar he frequents with his boss/coworkers (for reasons unbeknownst to me, since Yu-yu isn't gay) and he knew the owner quite well.  He was a very nice man indeed, calling me ojousama- which the closest English word would probably be Miss or Missus, but it's a little more formal that..  What would the Missus like to drink?  How does the Missus like Japan?  Etc, etc..  haha!
Hilarity ensued, as some of the patrons got a kick out of Yu-yu's reaction when they got too friendly with him, and i got some glorious pictures that i'm sworn to never show another soul for the rest of eternity.
We finally headed out, and decided our next move was to get some food.  By the time we were done eating it was a quarter til 5am, and the trains had started running again so we all said our goodbyes and headed home.

Poor behbeh fallin' alseep at the table


Got home at 6am, only to have to wake up at 11am again, this time for work.  Had a hard time trying to focus and talk to the students, but luckily i got the last hour off again since no one else came (everyone gone home for the holiday, most likely).  Headed out to Ueno again to meet J, and we were also finally joined by S!  And our friend H. :)  It had been the first time in about 5 months that S, J, and i had all been together, and since we had been pretty much inseparable during our school days, it was quite a big occasion!
We first went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Ueno station, but since they were a bit too pricey for our budgets, we settled for sharing an appetizer pizza before heading to Shibuya to go to a restaurant where H's friend works.
We decided to do the nomihoudai, all-you-can-drink, since it was only about 800 yen- super cheap!  Got some munchies too, and just sat around talking and drinking and eating for hours.  H's friend then led us to the karaoke room where we hung out and sang our hearts out.  The servers popped in once to bring us a ton of really awesome desserts, saying 'you must be hungry'!  And in the end H's friend informed us he had taken care of the bill!  While there's no custom of tipping here, we insisted on tipping him since it was the least we could do.  "American culture" we explained, haha.

Reprezentin' the West Side
It was a really awesome night, got home at 6am again, but was finally able to sleep in.  :)

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