Aug 28, 2011


Went on a bus trip to Nikko last weekend with my housemates and some students, but never got around to posting about it.  The Boss Man organizes trips sometimes for the teachers (all of us 'teachers' live together, so when i say teachers here i mean my housemates) and the students, but he also advertises elsewhere so there are usually people who show up just for the trips.  This time it was about half students, half people i'd never met.  Despite having to get up super early (6:30am!! i'm not a morning person...), and it drizzling pretty much the whole trip, it was fun.

On the bus ready to go!
Taking a picture of everyone getting their picture taken
Torii gate in front of Tōshō-gū shrine

The famous Three Wise Monkeys- mizaru, iiwazaru, kikazaru
Another torii in front of the shrine
The path to get to Tokugawa Ieyasu's grave (wanted to go, but didn't, because i didn't know that this was the path to it at the time! *fail*)
Housemate G in the front, a couple of our students, and a first-timer
View of the shrine grounds
Yudaki Waterfall
Went for a hike around the falls area
The whole group.  Pretty sure i'm the youngest one there by at least a few years lol. I was also surprised by how short a couple of the students really are.  Since i've always seen them sitting at a table, to stand next to them for the first time and realize that their height didn't even come up to my shoulder was kind of surprising!
Our last stop before the ride home.  Not sure what lake this was exactly.. it wasn't too far from the waterfall though.  Would definitely like to go back some time though and explore things a little more thoroughly.

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