Feb 20, 2012


I had wanted to post this on Valentine's Day, but considering the circumstances i didn't.
Now is as good a time as any though.  Sometimes, even when things are looking down, it's best to just laugh.
A conversation from Facebook chat a couple years ago..  i saved it because i like to look back at it from time to time.

00:56 Me
ah T-CHAN!
is the toilet fixed now?
**(they were having toilet issues at their apartment)

00:57 T-chan
no, it is too huge. I can't handle it.
I should take a poop outside.

00:58 Me
hahaha, well if you do you have to pick it up and throw it away!
some old lady let her dog poop on the sidewalk today and she left it there. i was pissed

01:00 T-chan
u were pissed?lol

01:02 Me
i was! i was eating at a restaurant at Pike Place Market and saw it happen, i almost ran out of the restaurant to yell at her!

01:03 T-chan
you sholud have done yelled at her!

01:04 Me
i really was going to, but i probably would have gotten into a fight with her so i didn't
i probably would've thrown the poop at her too

01:06 T-chan
lol I would do too.
please throw your poop at someone at Kaiwa table
**(Kaiwa Table was the Japanese-English conversation group at UW where we met)

01:08 Me
my poop? no, i flush my poop, you'll have to bring yours

01:09 T-chan
ok! I'll bring mine for valentine's day.
it looks same.

01:11 Me
hahaha, omg you're crazy!
but it in a heart-shaped box!

01:12 T-chan
It is a piece of cake.
it's easy to make it that i move around while i'm taking poop. that's it.
before I did it, I have to eat tons of chocolate.

01:15 Me
lol, what? no, i mean buy one of those heart-shaped boxes that the valentines chocolates come it, and put the poo in there!
you could eat all of the chocolate first
**(I was confused about something there...)

yeah! that's what I'm thinking.
you should buy it I made for you.
it costs $1000

This kid never fails to brighten my day.

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