Feb 29, 2012

Threw open the curtains this morning when i woke up and the first words out of my mouth were "Oh damn!"

Very unexpected snowfall.  And just when it started feeling like spring was on its way.  Way to be bipolar, weather!

The walk to work
I usually hear the weather report when i'm listening to the radio at night, but didn't have the radio on last night so was not expecting snow at all this morning.  Listening to the weather report right now and i guess it's back to rain tomorrow. 

Last weekend i met up with a new friend and we went to the planetarium in Sunshine City in Ikebukuro.  Right up my alley, since astronomy and space has always fascinated me.  Probably would've been my course of study in college had i not been set on studying Japanese.  (And if i didn't despise math and suck at physics..)
Also went to the top on the Sunshine 60 tower, which had some pretty amazing views as well as a neat little... museum(?) of sorts with a bunch of those optical illusion photos which ask you things like "Which is bigger?" or "What other animal do you see in this picture?"  Definitely a fun, inexpensive thing to do around Tokyo. :)

Can you find Tokyo Tower in all three photos?
A little too easy..
What about the new Sky Tree?  Only appears in one of them. ;)

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~* Shaly Monster *~ said...

omg, so much snow!! and the planitarium... i remember this story!! haha

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