Mar 3, 2012

Hopefully The Last Bit For a While...

Last bit of bad news, that is.
I feel like i'm being such a Debby Downer recently, but i guess bad news does really come in... threes or more. 
Our cat Diesel had to be put down yesterday.  Well really, my little sister's cat; he was her baby.  He was far too young, not even three-years-old yet, but he had developed pancreatic cancer and his health just went down so quickly.  I was home not even a month ago, and he was the same crazy energetic schizophrenic cat i'd remembered, but then maybe just over a week ago he stopped eating and drinking, and was pretty much just lying there wasting away.
It was a really hard decision for my sister- i know it is, i had just gone through the same thing with my baby too- especially with him being so young.  But there really was nothing else to be done other than just slowly wait it out.  They (my mom and sister) had him put down instead, deciding they couldn't make him suffer any longer.  I hope he enjoyed his short time with us.

This video is back around when we first got Diesel.  I posted this on Youtube about 2 and 1/2 years ago, but within the last couple months it suddenly got quite popular- i started getting email notifications everyday of new comments left on the video and before i knew it it had over 100,000 views (actually at last check 136,370 views)!  I don't know how that happened really..
I watch this video and it makes me sad that neither Arctic nor Diesel are around anymore.  However, the support i've been getting from commenters has been wonderful.  When i posted the first note that Arctic was sick, i got comments from people wishing her well.  Then after she died and i posted a link to my post about Arctic, i got so many more comments from people giving their sympathy, saying nice things about Arctic, or sharing stories of losing their beloved pets.  And i didn't think it would, but that link has brought so many people to read about Arctic, it's crazy:

Crazy blog stats

That super-tall peak at the end?  Most of it directed from my link on Youtube.  You can see too the views "Baby Girl" got over just a couple of days.  It's crazy.
I'm still not sure what brought that video up in popularity, but it came at just the right time for sure.  I'm so glad that my babies are being seen and loved by people from all over, that they're reminding people of their own furry four-legged kids too, and that they won't be forgotten.  It's just the sort of thing that's helped me to keep my chin up while dealing with all of these goodbyes.  

I promise, some non-depressing posts soon.  Good night.

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dubs :3 said...

Aww poor kitty D: I'm still waiting in fear for the day I get news that my poor Tory has passed away. She's getting really old and can't see anymore ;_; Anyway, that's too bad. I hope your days brighten up again soon!

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