Mar 11, 2012


Everyone's posting their "Remember 3-11" stories.  I don't really have much of one, as i was just watching it from afar, but you can read my thoughts at the time.  I don't really know what else i can say.  There are still so many towns in ruins and displaced people living in shelters, but things are progressing little by little.
I found the Japan Quake Map, which has recorded earthquakes that have happened since March 11th.  If you go to that link it will start showing a visual of the earthquakes as they happened.  It gives me chills.  You can tell without a doubt which one The Big One is.
I'm not sure how i would've reacted if i were here then.  Natural disasters have never seemed to faze me much, and having never dealt with earthquakes before i came to Japan i've never really had a reason to fear them.  Even now, though i feel them multiple times a week and have felt some pretty decent-sized ones, i usually just get an adrenaline rush and watch the things around me shake, and then usually check the Japan Meteorological Agency's earthquake information to see where it occurred and what magnitude it was.  Even when they happen in the mornings while i'm sleeping, if i wake up i just kind of lie there while being rocked back and forth before rolling over to go back to sleep.  Still, trying to imagine one of that magnitude is, to me just... unimaginable, and my thoughts are with those still deeply affected by the loss that the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear scare that happened just last year.

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~* Shaly Monster *~ said...

no more earthquakes, please!! that's all i have to say. even the small ones are totally unnecessary, especially if i'm in the bathroom when they happen. lol

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