Mar 12, 2012

This Is A Fashion Post, A Post Full Of Fashion

Had a bit of a shopping spree on Saturday.  I went back to the same recycle shop as before, i seriously love that place.  Spent about 2 hours in there though because i'm such an indecisive shopper and i almost always end up with buyer's remorse- either i regret buying something, or regret not buying something.  Didn't happen this time though, go me!  Here's my haul:

New bag!  I only ever own one bag at a time.. i think it's too much of a hassle to have multiples and have to load stuff from purse to purse.  My trouble is that i have a hard time finding one the perfect size- it's either too big or too small.  Last one was too small and all my stuff was wedged in there and i'd go to pull out one thing and something else would fly out with it.  This new one is a little too big, but i prefer that.  I can at least fit a little umbrella or water bottle in there if need be.  And i liked it because it kind of looks like those Lesportsac bags.
My mom says they look like Girl Scout badges.  I like the chihuahua one.  ;)

Was trying to steer away from T-shirts since that's pretty much all i had in my wardrobe before, but this one was too cute.
I love the pattern.  :D
Tank top!  I like it because it's mostly pretty plain and simple, and it's long.  I have a longish torso so shirts often end up looking too short for me.

A light sweater (would you call this a sweater, actually?  I don't know..)
..but i loved the little stars on it! 
Wasn't too big on the bow on the front, but i like tank tops and i love stripes. :)
Denim skirt to wear over leggings 
New jeans!  One of my 5 pairs finally got a hole in the knee.. i think they were like, 6 years old but they were my most comfortable and best-fitting pair.  It's hard for me to find jeans that fit because my legs are not only long but very twiggy, so even if i find pants that are long enough they usually end up all loose and baggy around the thighs/butt.  I was worried about finding pants long enough (and actually with wide enough hips too, considering the petiteness of many girls here), but surprisingly these fit perfectly and are really comfortable.

Also needed some accessories*.  Three bracelets and...
...a necklace.
 So, the grand total for everything?  ¥5400, or the equivalent of $54USD (i'm not taking into account the exchange rate because i didn't have to exchange any money, lol)!  It actually could've been almost half that, but the grey sweater with the stars that i couldn't pass up on was ¥2000, but everything else was only ¥500 a piece, the necklace was ¥300 and the three bracelets together were ¥100.  Bargain shopping ftw.  Isn't it fashion?

*Anybody else play Barbie Magic Hairstyler and hear Barbie's voice say "Accessory Salon!" whenever you read the word "accessory"?  Just me?  ...I love that game.


Gina said...

What excellent finds! The jean skirt is very nice and that gray cardi with stars is super duper cool! ; )

-chai- said...

Thanks! I really really like that store. There were soooo many other things i found there that i wanted to buy too but i had to resist lol.

~* Shaly Monster *~ said...

i remember the first time i saw that sweater when i went to see the newly arrived Jilly!! i remember telling you it was really cute at the restaurant. haha. anyway, please take me to this shop next time!! we haven't gone shopping for clothes together in forever!!!!! last time was... creepy stalker guy adventure in Harajuku?? c'mon, we have to best that. lol

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