Mar 31, 2012

Kansai Trip, part 3

Didn't get around to finishing this post as fast as the others, but here it is now!

Tuesday was my last full day in Kansai.  We met up with J's friend who we were supposed to meet up with on Sunday.  We went and had some kaiten-zushi (conveyer belt sushi) for lunch.  The main thing Himeji is known for is Himeji Castle, but since it's under construction it was closed and hidden from view by the huge box things they construct around buildings here that are under construction.  There was a big picture of the castle on the front of the box, i guess so you could get a little taste of what it looks like.  Anyway, the point is that Himeji Castle was out of the question, so instead we went to this really nice Japanese garden that was right next to castle instead, and got lots of really pretty pictures. :)

Yaaaaay, gardens!
I'm gonna wring your neck!
Pretty blossoms~
A very nice garden, we didn't even get to see all of it.  We went and met up with one of J's coworkers, and then the four of us headed to some small-ish mountain nearby.  It was really pretty cool, at the top there was this huge play castle, so we goofed off and explored.

F*** you castle!
A monument up on the mountain
J's friend then drove us to this really awesome little cafe called Loft.  From the outside it doesn't look like much, but then you walk in and the atmosphere is amazing!  Not to mention the decor and the whole set-up.  The food and drinks were also definitely worth going for as well.  Glad to have someone in-the-know to bring us to that awesome little place.  :D

Stepping inside- gotta really watch your step!
Saying 'ello to the little fishes in the entrance
View from our table
Looking down, more fishies swimming about
Oops, didn't mean to leave J out of the picture.. D:
A very very delicious maple milk tea~
Some fresh spring rolls
J's coworker was pretty beat, so we took him home, and the three of us remaining decided to go get a bunch of snacks and rent a movie.  Ended up watching The Magic Hour, which was a bit of a mind-trip, but still entertaining.  To be honest i'm not too big on Japanese films but this one was still enjoyable.  

That was my last day, the next day i had to get up early to catch the first of 7 trains home.  Like i mentioned before i had the Youth 18 Ticket, which meant i couldn't take any shinkansen or special express trains, all local trains.  First train left just before 9am, and i finally got home to my station just before 8pm.  It really wasn't too bad, except for hauling my luggage from train to train.  Having a rolling suitcase would've made the trip a lot easier.
Thinking about taking a trip back to Kansai during Golden Week, but we'll see.  Apparently traveling during Golden Week is expensive and a bit of a pain, but i feel like it'd be a waste to not do anything fun on my few days off!

In other news, i now have a new roomie!  One of my friends from UW who just graduated is going to be working with me at the daycare.  She got here just a few days ago, and having company during the night is pretty nice. :)  Off to a year-end nomikai drinking party with everyone from work tonight, as April marks the start of a new business year.  Woo!

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~* Shaly Monster *~ said...

omg, that cafe looks so cozy and cute! i'm glad you had such a good time in Kansai =). and now Jilli is home with ya!! fun times to come <3

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