Mar 10, 2012

Old Friends and Food

I was going to make mention of my 100th post on this blog, but it ended up being about Diesel.  Which is fine, he deserves mention on my 100th post.  But now, on to the 101st.

Last Sunday i got to meet up with an old friend of mine from high school.  She was here just traveling, so we met up in Shibuya to spend the day together.  We first stopped in to a Doutor Coffee shop because they were advertising their sakura latte.  Ash got the sakura one but i just went with my usual matcha latte.  Did have a taste of it though and it really just tasted like cherries.  Granted, i've never eaten an actual cherry blossom so they really could just taste like cherries..  I think once they start blooming this spring i'll go and eat a blossom and probably get weird looks from people.
After chatting over our lattes we then went to Loft.  I love that store and seriously i go to the one by my place nearly every single weekend.  We spent a good long while in there where she showed me their selection of toothpastes, since she wanted to get some to take back as souvenirs.  There were sooooo many flavours it was crazy.  Everything from regular mint, to things like rose and apple and even curry (here's a list of them all!).  I'm not daring enough to try something like curry-flavoured toothpaste but i did want to try one.  I settled on pumpkin pudding because i like everything pumpkin.

The verdict?  It's not bad.  I was put off a little at first because of the color (same color as our dogs' toothpaste), but it wasn't bad.  I hadn't used anything but mint toothpaste since i was a kid, so it was a bit different.  I still prefer mint.  Or rather, the 100-yen salty baking soda mint flavoured stuff i've been using since i ran out of the stuff i brought here with me.
After that we popped into the Muji store, since i love that place too and being in there makes me wish i had my own house to furnish.  Kinda like how Ikea does as well.  By then we were pretty hungry so we went to one of those 270-yen izakaya, where almost all the food and drinks are 270 yen.  We stuffed ourselves and after we left we walked past the jail-themed restaurant The Lock-Up and i kicked myself for not thinking of going there instead.  Went there once on my trip here in 2007 and it was lots of fun.
The night was still fun though regardless.  We walked around some more looking in different shops before going our separate ways.

Now, i thought i'd post some pictures of some of the snacks i've eaten recently.  Nothing weird or too exotic really, but maybe someone will find it interesting.  I dunno.

Gouda cheese rice crackers i bought at the Muji store.  They were good, tasted similar to white cheddar Cheez-Its

Peach yogurt cereal.  A seasonal flavour of the brand of cereal i always buy.  In the summer they had melon-flavour, which i wrote about, and strawberry not that long ago.

Tiramisu from the Sunkus down the street from me.

Probably one of the best tiramisu i've ever eaten.  It was amazing, with no overpowering coffee flavour.

Looks better than it tastes.  Coulda gone without getting this one during my sweet binge at Sunkus.

What was this called?  Something like Sweet Strawberry Sand(wich).  This one was pretty good.  Reminiscent of a powdered jelly-filled donut.

Now, those last four things were consumed over the span of 2 days, which totally goes against my New Year's Resolution of cutting back on sugar.  It's been a rough month or so though and i needed my sweets.  But aside from this binge i've been doing really good actually about not eating sugary things.  Really the only added sugar i've been eating since i made my resolution has been a tablespoon or two of honey in my morning oatmeal, and a bowl of cereal at night for my dessert.  Not bad for a sugar fiend like me.

Now last thing- Doritos.  They do carry regular Nacho Cheese but i haven't found Cool Ranch.  These however i got today at the 100-yen Lawson.  It's butter soy sauce flavour.  Not bad, but i still prefer my regular Amurrican ones!


Judith said...

Happy 101st post! That's a lot of posts. Here's to the next 101...

-chai- said...

Thanks! :D

~* Shaly Monster *~ said...

omg, peach yogurt flavor?!?! how did i miss that?!?! i wanna try it!!! also, that toothpaste selection sounds insane. i would like to research this further.

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