Apr 7, 2012

Rice Omelet

First things first- i now have a room-mate!  She is also my coworker now too.  We met at UW and she just graduated in March, and my boss was looking for another English speaker for the daycare so it all worked out.
Anyway, my new roomie had asked me if i knew how to cook omu-raisu, a rice omelet, since she was craving it.  It got me craving it too, and while i can cook it and it is pretty easy to do so (just cook some veggies and meat if you desire with rice and ketchup, then roll up inside an omelet with cheese if you like as well) i didn't really feel like cooking after work last night so i suggested we go to this nice little omu-rice restaurant a friend of mine had brought me to before, called Rakeru.  Apparently it's pretty famous.  I do recall seeing it elsewhere before too.

It's a really cute place.  I wish i had thought to take a picture of the door, because it's adorable. (A-door-able!  Aah, knee-slapper right there.  I honestly didn't plan that, i just realized it as i read it in my head while typing).

Cute little table settings

Delicious foooood!
I got the mushroom dry curry with demi-glace and cheese omelet.  It's a mouthfull to say in English, and even more so in Japanese.  But a very delicious mouthful.  And oh my goodness their rolls.  It's a little funny-looking with the four little points on top (i thought it rather resembled a cow's udder..), but they taste aMAZing.  (Uh-MAZ-ING ROOOOOOOOOLL).  Soft and warm and slathered with butter and a bit of cheese.  I kind of want to go their and just order a plate of the rolls.
But yes, the omelet was very delicious as well!

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~* Shaly Monster *~ said...

omg, that looks delicious! i'm not a big fan of omuraisu, but i would try that one if given the chance. i think you were trying to take us here the night i went down to see you guys and we ended up eating chinese, right? wait... that might've been something totally different... never mind!! haha

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