Apr 27, 2012

Bucket Lists

Though i'm not very good at it, i like writing.  Hence the blog. 
But even more than writing, i love reading.  As a kid i read books aaaaaall the time.  After high school that kind of died with all the academic readings and endless homework and everything else that came with college.  There just wasn't enough time for any leisurely reading.  I'm trying to change that now, but while i don't have a whole lot of access to books in English (although i should stop being lazy and tackle some books in Japanese too), i enjoy reading other blogs.
Most of the blogs i read are other foreigners in Japan, but i also like to keep at least one inspirational blog on my blog-roll.  For a while it was 1000 Awesome Things, which i followed for about 3 of its 4-year run.  Sadly it ended a little over a week ago.
Today i just found a new blog to take its place.  Avery's Bucket List.  I recommend taking a look.  If this doesn't make you appreciate life i don't know what will.

1 comment:

~* Shaly Monster *~ said...

the only blogs i ever read are you guys'!! cuz i don't really have time/motivation to care about anyone else. lol. i'm just terrible XD

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