May 21, 2012


I like the Japanese word for eclipse- 日食 and 月食 (nisshoku- solar eclipse, and gesshoku- lunar eclipse).  The characters are "sun, eat", and "moon, eat", respectively.  There's been a lot of hype about the annular solar eclipse today (金環食, kinkanshoku), since the Kanto region of Japan would be in the perfect position to see the full "ring of fire" (and every time i hear/read that i get the Johnny Cash song in my head).  While i failed to get the special glasses in time, the light cloud-cover this morning unexpectedly worked to my advantage!  I put on my regular sunglasses, and with the clouds as an extra little protective layer for my eyes i was able to get a pretty good look at the sun through the stages.
Last night i had  made a pin-hole camera of sorts as a backup in case i couldn't look directly at the sun with my sunglasses (though as a kid i remember staring directly into the sun sometimes because i liked the blue dot that would stay in my vision when i looked away.  I still have near-perfect vision, go figure).  Since it was cloudy for most of it, it didn't really work except for when there were little breaks in the clouds.  My camera wouldn't take a decent picture of the actual eclipse but i did get a picture of it as seen in my pin-hole box.

Enjoying my breakfast at the window so i would watch the eclipse.

After the ring of fire- the sun in my pin-hole box.

Picture from Mainichi Shimbun

Anyone else get to see the eclipse??


~* Shaly Monster *~ said...

i didn't get to see it because i was so friggin tired from the field trip we had for my school the day before that i slept through it! sadness

dubs :3 said...

yes, i saw it! i couldn't see it very well because it was cloudy and all the special glasses were sold out, but i got some pictures with my camera. :D

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