May 14, 2012

You're out of the frame

A bit late, but i hope all of you mothers (especially mine!) and mother-figures had a wonderful Mother's Day.  And to those of you who no longer have your mothers with you i hope you can remember the good times you had and keep those memories with you.  If you still have your mother around, don't take it for granted.  Make sure to call her up whenever you get the chance.

As a part-time mum to my 9 little ones, i can really appreciate what you full-time moms go through.. i only have to do it 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and can go home at night to be by myself and relax a bit, and do fun things.  I can't imagine having to do it 24/7!  To all of you frazzled, sleep-deprived ladies out there, i commend you and wish you some decent sleep!


~* Shaly Monster *~ said...

true facts!! happy mothers day to everyone =). btw, i love this video so much. i remember laughing so hard the first time i watched this. everything they do is gold!!

Mom said...

Thanks, M! I wrote something on this post days ago. Don't know why it didn't post. :o( Hope you are doing well. I think of you everyday, several times a day. Love & miss you. Mum xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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