Oct 20, 2012

Kids Draw the Darndest Things

At my other job, I have been reading a Halloween peek-a-boo book with my kids to help them learn some Halloween-related words (and as an added bonus have also learned the word "upside-down"- which they love to say for some reason- as there is a bat in the book that's hanging upside-down). They love the book and have been very interested in Halloween, so last week when we had a little bit of time to just do some free coloring I asked them to do a Halloween picture. When they were finished I went around and asked them each what they drew and wrote their response with their name and the date on their picture. Here are the results: 

 (This was on a rare day where I only had 5 kids.. The usual as of late has been 8 to 10 kids, all on my own. Yesterday I was on the verge of just walking out..)

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