Oct 25, 2012


I was rereading through some of my previous posts last night, particularly the one I wrote about R-kun.  Still, it was much to my surprise today when just before 4pm someone showed up at the door of the daycare and rang the bell.  I glanced at the security monitor we have up by the door to see whose mother it was, but was confused by the head of bleached-blonde hair.  One of the other teachers closest to the door also seemed confused by what she saw on the screen and opened the door cautiously.  It was then I saw the somewhat familiar face that belonged to the bleached hair, and beside her the little round-faced long-haired boy I was just reminiscing about last night.

I have to admit I am not good with handling the rush of emotions that comes with surprises.  I cried at my surprise 20th birthday party, I cried last year at my birthday surprise as well, and it took all I had today to keep from bawling when I saw my little boy today, carrying a toy car in each hand.  His beloved cars- that sure hasn't changed!

It has been nearly 3 months since he came last.  He was a bit shy and cautious at first, just wanting to stay by his mum, but after about 15 minutes or so he was playing around again as if he had never even been gone.  Alas, it was goodbye again far too soon, but it was definitely a huge bright spot in an otherwise completely shitty week.  I have really missed that kid, his smile, and his craziness.  <3

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