Nov 2, 2012

Halloween and Little Hugs

Last weekend Roomie and I headed over to Tokyo to see our friend Sushi-kins, who left last year to study abroad for his Masters in the UK.  He's one of our good friends we met while he was studying abroad at UW back in 2009/2010.  His birthday was last week- just before he arrived back in Japan- so last Saturday we met up at his place and brought him a cake, he made some nabe for dinner, and we stayed up late eating and drinking.  We played King's Cup, and also a drinking game while watching the first part of Breaking Dawn (if you laughed you had to take a drink.. it was so hard not to).  Poor Roomie drank a bit too much and had a hangover the next morning.  It had been a while since I'd done any drinking so I was surprised that I was fine.  Must be the Irish in me.

That Sunday we headed over to Kawasaki, since Sushi-kins lives so close.  They were having a huge Halloween parade, so we went to watch the festivities.  Lots of really amazing costumes, and some silly ones and nostalgic ones too.  And some furries...  In the evening we headed back home, got some Halloween-themed donuts from the Krispy Kreme at our station, and Roomie joined in on my annual watching of Hocus Pocus (it was her first time to see it, I couldn't believe it!).

Caramel Jack and Purple Sweet Potato donuts

 And that was the extent of my Halloween.  No surprise visits from Sexy Santa or Buzz Lightyear this year.  Maybe next time!

Nearly threw in the towel at my Other Job last week.  It's a long story and maybe I'll share it here once I'm officially finished with that job.  This past week I was debating with myself on what to do.  I had been telling myself I'd just stick it out until my contract is up in March, but after the incident last week I really considered just not going back.  
The other day though, when all the kids were lined up by class for their morning routine.  I was standing in front of my class, and my favourite kid Ei-kun (he just turned 3 years old) was standing at the front of the line, hugging my legs.  He mumbled something and I bent over and asked him what he said.
"I like Mei-sensei."
Melted my heart it did.
Yesterday we had our school trip with the kids and their parents.  Ei-kun's mom couldn't come so he was there with his grandma.  All the kids in my class decided to ride on the train that went around the little theme park we were at, and his grandma sent him on board with me while she stood with the stroller and took pictures before our departure.  He wanted to hold my hand the *whole* time, while he excitedly watched everything we passed by.

It was a good day.  I think I'll be able to make it.

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