Apr 1, 2013

We'll Eat and Eat and Eat and Eat, and Then We'll Eat Some More!

I mentioned before that my student Ei-kun's mum had invited us teachers over for lunch last Wednesday.  I went in to work that morning for a couple hours before heading off to their Obaachan(grandmother)'s house for the day.  Coworker C and Coworker M were the only others that showed up, which was fine.  More food for us!

My little cutie!

Coworker C and Ei-kun's big brother, pulling faces.

Their grandma made aaaaaalll of this food!  Now that I think about it, having more people there to help devour this all probably would've been better.

I refilled my plate at least twice.

Mini apple pie pastries and tea for dessert!
We ate and talked with the boys and their mom and grandma while the food kept coming.  After lunch and dessert, we played Monopoly for a bit before Obaachan brought out some bowls of fruit and rice crackers to snack on.  After snacks their mom showed us the view of their neighbor's cherry blossom tree from the room upstairs, then we went back downstairs to play Uno and other card games.
Then Obaachan busted out her tea ceremony set and whisked us up some matcha, and not long afterward brought out a bunch of little toasted bread pieces so we could try her freshly-made strawberry jam.
And it didn't end there!  We were chatting away with Mum when Obaachan started asking us if we ate soba or udon noodles, then asked if we wanted some right then.  We all patted our stuffed bellies and politely refused, but lo and behold, not even 15 minutes later mid-conversation out she came with a *huge* plate of noodles and tsuyu dipping broth.
We didn't leave empty-handed either- each of us were sent home with a container of leftovers and a bag of dorayaki that they had just bought that day.  And I also a new umbrella, since I bent one of the ribs of mine on the way over.  I could've easily bent it back to normal when I got home, which was my plan, but Obaachan insisted.
Poor Ei-kun had so much fun, and he wanted to accompany us to the station with his mum but was told he couldn't, so we had to leave him with his grandma in tears.  ;_;
It was good to see him and his family outside of that school, and I definitely hope to keep in touch with them.  :)


Ashley said...

What a super nice family! Where in Japan are you teaching??

-chai- said...

I'm in Saitama!

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