Apr 14, 2013

Obligatory Cherry Blossom Post

A bit behind the times, but oh well.
Cherry blossom season is pretty much over, although Roomie and I just went to a cherry blossom picnic with our boss today since a different type of cherry blossom- yaezakura- are still in bloom.  Didn't do a big hanami picnic like last year, as the weather was pretty gloomy over both weekends that the trees were in bloom.
I did take a (very very long) walk to a park I had never been to before to admire the blossoms.  I was surprised to see nary a soul around, as I thought it would've been the perfect place to picnic despite the chilly weather.
But, if there had been tons of people there I wouldn't have been able to enjoy the scenery so I guess that worked out to my advantage.
And to yours too, as I leave you with these lovely pictures.

Street around where I live
After an hour-long walk from home...

And finally, a popular song about sakura that I love:

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