May 6, 2013

April Update and Golden Week

I guess it's about time I do an update, eh?

First, Roomie and I had a joint birthday-celebration-trip to Fuji-Q on the 20th.
Though the turn-out was better than last time, the weather sucked.  Despite getting up to the 20s during the week (that's 70s Fahrenheit), the day of our trip the high was 5° (30-something) and it rained and snowed.  We only got to ride two coasters before they stopped due to rain, but at least there were a few indoor things to do.

So excited and we just can't hide it!

My actual birthday day I had to work, but afterwards Roomie and I went to 畑の厨 (Hatake no Kuriya), a very yummy vegetable-y restaurant.  Not entirely veg-friendly (nothing in Japan is, I feel), but lots of veggie-based dishes.

Fancy birthday mojito!

Last weekend, the 28th, I went to see the Rainbow Pride Parade in Yoyogi Park.  Missed the parade as it went out because I couldn't find the stinkin' area, but I got to see it coming back.  Checked out some of the booths, took pictures of some of the awesomely eccentric people, and enjoyed looking around at the booths (free wine samples, yes!).

Frieza! (From Dragonball)

Return of the Paraders

It was a gay-old time!
Met up with Roomie afterward in Shibuya and did some shopping at H&M.  Got some cute summery clothes, which were stolen later in the evening... thanks in part to my forgetfulness, but it would be nice if you leave a bag at your table that whoever found it would turn it in to the staff or something.  But what can you do?  At least it was H&M and just a few items so it was relatively cheap to replace, but still.  Despite all the "my wallet was returned with all ¥60,000 still in it!" stories you'll hear about Japan, there are still arseholes and thieves.
After shopping we met up with Roomie's old exchange student from eight-or-so years ago (we'll call him Yuu) and a colleague of his and his colleague's friends at a place called Self Kitchen- a restaurant where three people in your party get to play chef, choose from a selection of veggies, pastas, cheese, meat, fish, etc, and cook your own food!  A pretty neat idea.  I and two of the guys played chef- I wowed them with some shrimp fajitas, and the other two made some sides and salads and pasta.
Ater that, Roomie, Yuu, one other guy, and I decided to go to another place to drink and talk some more- which is where I lost my bag of clothes, along with the flag I had bought earlier and my sunglasses which I'd tossed in the bag too.  Other Guy ducked out to catch his last train, but the three of us remained until the place closed, then moved on to a karaoke place until the first trains started again around 5am.  That day was a holiday- the start of Golden Week- so we got to sleep in once we got home.

Golden Week is a week of many holidays, and while many companies get the whole week off, we only got the actual holidays off.  So it was a 3-day weekend, followed by a 3-day work-week, and then a 4-day weekend.  Had this Friday through today off, so a lot of this went on:

That's Lord of the Rings.  We watched the whole trilogy this weekend, probably the first time for me since high school.  I had forgotten a lot so it was fun to watch them again!
Went to S's new place in Yokohama on Saturday to hang out and make some delicious Mexican food.  Then today we went to the planetarium near our station, which was really cool and pretty cheap.  Met up afterwards with Mama Ann and she treated us to a belated birthday dinner of yummy Indian food. 

Two scrumptious curries and a HUGE naan.
And it's back to work tomorrow.  I work the early shift, and it's now past my bedtime!

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