Jun 3, 2013

A Visitor Appears!

Long time no blog. I don't know if I'm just losing my interest in blogging, or if my everyday life has just become so everyday that I feel like I have nothing to blog about. I did go on a trip to Chiba yesterday- to the Boso peninsula- arranged by the guesthouse/English school where I used to live/work. And the weekend before Roomie and I met some friends in Yokohama and spent the evening there in Chinatown. 
Will post pictures and stuff later. Right now I'm on the train, on my way to Narita Airport to pick up my Mum who will be here for 2 weeks (her first time since she left to return to the US at the age of 2, lol)! I'm quite excited and have a lot of things planned for her visit. It'll be interesting to play tour guide/translator for a couple weeks, but I hope I don't tire either of us out.
Seems like summer is finally upon us, and despite a couple days of rain last week and everyone exclaiming "Oh, looks like rainy season is early this year!", it has been sunny and warm. Luckily no unbearable humidity yet. Not looking forward to that. Keeping my fingers crossed for mild weather for Mum's visit!

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