Jan 2, 2014

2013 In Review

*Celebrated the New Year in Phoenix with my friends and family.
*Drove for the first time in Japan!  Helping S move from Ibaraki to the Tokyo area.
*Lost my Grandma R... no more grandmas left in my family.  :(
*Went to Coworker C's beautiful wedding.
*Finished my dreaded "Other Job".
*Roomie and I celebrated our birthdays with some friends at Fuji-Q (until we were rained and snowed out..)
*A visit from my mum, finally!
*Scaled Mt. Fuji with Ash, Roomie, and Yuu!
*hide MUSEUM and Sumidagawa fireworks apocalypse.
*Yuu and I started dating.  <3
*Finished my two years at the daycare.  :(
*Trip to Kyoto with Yuu, then met up with Roomie in Kagoshima to see the sights and meet Yuu's family.
*Came back to Seattle, got a job at Uwajimaya, and made some pretty wonderful friends here.
*Got a much-needed visit from Yuu.
*Took the JLPT level N2 (again)
*Spent a nice Christmas with Roomie and her family.
*Rang in 2014 at the Space Needle with some of my wonderful friends.

♪One of these things is not like the others♪

The boys

Happy 2014!
Wishing you all another great year!

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Gina said...

What cool pics! Happy New year! : )

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