Jan 6, 2014

Resolutions 2014

It's that time of year again.  I'm rather late with this, and couldn't remember most of my resolutions from last year until I looked them up, which is probably very telling on how I did.  On to the breakdown: 
1.  Keep up with the studying, drinking tea, regular sleep schedule, and regular haircuts.
Hmmmm, I did okay with the studying, but that kinda went down the crapper the past few  months after I moved back to Seattle.  Same with the tea-drinking, regular sleep schedule, and haircuts.  The haircut thing is forgiven because I was trying to grow it out.  Still got it cut at least twice though.
2.  Go running at least once a week.  (Once the Other Job ends I should hopefully be able to do it more than once a week)
Haha!  Nope.
3.  Budget and spend money more wisely, and build up my savings.
 I did decently enough.  Didn't save as much as I had hoped but save I did.
4.  Read at least one book in Japanese.

Haha!  Nope again.

5.  Travel to at least one new place.

YES!!  Went to Mt. Fuji (and climbed it!) and to Kagoshima/Yakushima with Roomie and Yuu.

6.  ?????????????????????????  (I will reveal what this is later on.. For now I'm keeping this to myself, because I feel like I'm more likely to succeed with my plans when no one else knows about them.  Strange, I know, but still..)
 I believe initially this was to enter into a Japanese language school, but financially and logistically (due to visa laws/ school policies/ etc..) it just wasn't feasible, so it changed to be "save enough money for and apply to a Japanese language school", which I definitely did! 

So, three out of six.  Fifty-percent.  Eh, coulda been worse...
Now, on to resolutions for 2014!  A lot of which will be the same resolutions I had for 2012.

1.  Drastically cut back on my sugar intake.
2.  Eat better in general and plan out my meals for each week.
3.  Limit my playtime on the internet and do more productive things.
4.  Stick to a regular study schedule.
5.  Pay off my credit card.
6.  Go running at least once a week.
7.  Read at least one book in Japanese.
8.  ???????????????????

I'm giving myself some leeway and allowing myself to start at the end of January.  The sugar thing (and junk food in general) has been spoiled by the copious amounts I received over the holidays.  I have even tried to give a lot of it away, but still have a ton which I have been consuming at a disgusting rate.  :P  
And the internet playtime?  Really need to work on that.  I do believe it is an addiction, and I hate hate HATE feeling addicted to things..
Ohhhh, and another mystery resolution?  You'll have to wait until 2015 to find out what that one is.  Dun-dun duunnnnnn!

What are your resolutions if you made any??


Judith said...

Happy New Year!

Haha, always the same, I can never remember resolutions from the year before either. So this year I am not really making any. Though I do want to read more books this year. And the main reason I don't is me wasting time on the internet. So very similar to your 3 I am trying to limit myself drastically and instead pick up a book!

Good luck with yours!

-chai- said...

It's terrible, this age we live in. Internet consumes all the free time. :O

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