Jan 4, 2012


Jumping into the New Year

So, i really don't remember ever doing New Year's resolutions- probably because i would make them and promptly forget a week later- but i was inspired by other bloggers to make a short little list of things i'd like to improve or work on this year.  It'll be fun to go back at the end of this year to see how much i have failed!

1.  Limit my "playtime" on the internet, and try to do more productive things.
2.  Study more each night, and start studying for the JLPT Level 2
3.  Take the JLPT Level 2.
4.  Drastically cut back on my sugar intake.
5.  Get more active.
6.  Drink more tea!
7.  Improve my sleep schedule by going to bed between midnight and 1am, and getting up around 8:30am.
8.  Get my haircut at least 2-3 times this year.  (Last year i didn't get it cut even once!  I usually cut it myself every few months but it's hard to see the back of my head, and it's just gotten way too frumpy.)
9.  Sophisticate my wardrobe.  Jeans and t-shirts are fine for a high schooler, and maybe even a freshman/sophomore in college, but i'm really starting to feel too old for a lot of my clothes now..)
10.  Travel to at least one new place.
11.  Pay off my credit card.
I think that's it for now.  I know there are a lot of really vague goals, but i think vague works better for me.  Let's see if i can remember to try and stick to these!


~* Shaly Monster *~ said...

i've never ever done new year's resolutions. the only one i ever really did, and actually accomplish, was to stop drinking Pepsi like water. but even that was for other reasons, really... anyway, i'm cheering for you! i hope you can accomplish all of these. i on the other hand, will probably remain as unproductive as always. yay.

Judith said...

I love number 9. Should have added that to mine. Though I suck at choosing clothes. Usually whatever fits, is comfy and not too expensive will be bought. Need to change that up as well!!!

-phx- said...

Shaly- We'll see if i can do it, lol. A couple of those are freebees because i already know they will happen. YAY CHEATING!

Judith- That's usually how i roll, but being here has kinda made me a little fashion-conscious (or self-conscious? haha). That and there is like, a whole new world of clothes for me here, i love it!

Judith said...

Uh, that's so cool that you get inspired by the fashion around you. I do have that a little bit too. But I hate shopping. As soon as I enter the shop I just want to run away again. And then trying things on. Urgh. I guess that's the main reason why my wardrobe never improves. But good luck to you! I remember a certain dress that I think we are still waiting on seeing on you in it :P

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