Jan 2, 2012

Celebrating the New Year, in Pictures- Pt. 1

Exchanging Christmas gifts at S's place

J's gift- a semi hard porch!

Vietnamese sandwich at Denny's

They'll eat their food, and then your soul

Snacks!  Including some very expensive refried beans.  But ohhh, you have no idea how happy i was when i finally found some

Our Christmas cake

Taking a walk in Mito

Cooking at S's student's house- caramelized sweet potatoes

Rolling the datemaki

Made osechi ryori- gave the chicken to J, but i did eat those onions.  That glaze was delicious

J stirring the mochi

Drinking with some new friends~

Heading to Meiji Shrine to ring in the New Year..  we made it to 2012 together!  <3  (And i look like a ghost)

1 comment:

~* Shaly Monster *~ said...

aaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!! so many fun times!!! the breakk was too short. can't wait to see you again soon <3!!!

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