Jan 1, 2012

Year in Review

This year has been crazy in many ways.  Looking back at the beginning of 2011 is like looking back at a different life- so much has changed!

*2011: Moved in with S and J and rang in the New Year together with some other friends in Seattle, at the Space Needle.
*Applied to the JET Program and was rejected.
*Applied to Amity.
*Finished my last ever quarter of University and graduated in March.
*Sadly ended a nearly 4-year relationship.
*Spent a month in Phoenix with my family and met my nephew (older sister's boy) for the first time.
*Came to Japan in the end of April with S, on a tourist visa with no job waiting for me.
*Spent an amazing month traveling around the country and seeing old friends.
*Spent a month in Osaka trying to find a job, before finally coming back to Tokyo to take a temporary job.
*Went to South Korea to get my tourist visa "extended".
*Finally found a job at a daycare, moved from the guesthouse/school into my own apartment.
*Rang in the New Year this year, again with S and J, this time in Tokyo at Meiji Shrine.

Glad to have had my best friends with me to ring in yet another year together.  Hopefully we can do the same again next year. :)  Will post pictures of the past few days soon.

Happy New Year's, everyone!  Hope 2012 is all you hope and make it to be.


Anonymous said...

Which part of the JET program did you get through? I also tried for JET...*sigh* My friend is one lucky duck for getting into it. She did two years and misses it...a lot.

-phx- said...

Just tried for the ALT position.. neither of my roommates got in either, but a friend of ours- who applied the year before and got rejected- got in this time around. She seems to be enjoying her time as an ALT, and another friend of mine just finished her 2 years as an ALT through JET too.

~* Shaly Monster *~ said...

crazy year, but one definitely for the books!! i mean, we made it through all sorts of bat shit crazy stuff, and together!! which is of course, the best part ;). glad that i could start another year again with you <3!!

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