Jan 11, 2012

Of Pee and Spit Bubbles

Surprisingly i don't have any poo stories yet *knocks on wood* which would be expected from working with babies.  I have changed my fair share of diapers but still, nothing noteworthy.  
But today was filled with pee!  
M-sensei asked me to change A-chan's diaper while she went to go get their after-nap snack from upstairs.  As i was taking off the old diaper i noticed it was completely dry.  I just thought, "Oh well.. she must not've peed yet but i'll just change it anyway."  No sooner had i taken it off than i was greeted by a pee fountain.  I tried using the now crumpled-up diaper as a stopper but the changing towel, the floor, and my hand had already been hit.  Yay.

Before that had happened though, Baby R-kun had woken up before naptime was over.  M-sensei was holding him on her lap trying to get him settled down for another 20 minutes or so.  That was not to happen, as the sudden flood of pee that came was apparently too much for his diaper to hold!  M-sensei lifted him from her lap in surprise like, Ack!  It had soaked through his diaper and clothes and got her pants too.  She promptly changed him then went upstairs to change into some clean pants herself. 
While she was gone, i was trying to entertain Baby R-kun and keep him from walking over still-sleeping A-chan.  I don't know exactly how it started... i think he was just babbling and when he went "maaaaah" it formed a spit-bubble.  I laughed and made a spit-bubble myself.  He found it so amusing, so he sat there and kept going "maaaaah, maaaaaah, maaaaah" and making spit bubbles.  It made me start laughing, which in turn made him laugh, which kept me laughing which kept him laughing.  I'd them make a few spit bubbles and then he'd laugh which would make me laugh, and so on.  I don't know why it was so funny to us, but this whole back-and-forth went on for a good 5 minutes! 

Oh, and i swear Baby R-kun and Ri-chan's bums were having a conversation.  First a "poot-poot-poot" from Ri-chan, followed by a "poooooooot" from R-kun.

Good thing i've always found potty-humor funny.  I'm sure i get it from my mum.  ;)


Judith said...

poot-poot-poot. LOL. I can clearly picture that conversation.

~* Shaly Monster *~ said...

adorable!!! LITTLE BEHBEHS!!!

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