Jan 3, 2012

Celebrating the New Year, in Pictures- Pt. 2

Finally in 2012!  With a group of high school guys who accosted us for a picture, haha  :p

The line to get to Meiji Shrine

The high schoolers/our entertainers during the 2-hour wait

Finally in view of the shrine!  Waiting to get close enough to throw in our 5-yen coin and pray

First meal of the year- udon at 4-something in the morning

First sunrise, blocked by clouds

S's pup, Ryu!

At the shrine near my place.  Got some yummy, spicy tteokbokki

Got our omikuji.  Mine was... kinda bad?  Curse with future blessing??

Tied my fortune up with the others so my bad luck won't follow me

Lots of tied up omikuji

Heading up to the shrine for more prayers

J and S and S's pup have all gone back home.  The place is quite, and it's back to work for me tomorrow.  Luckily there's only 3 days of work this week, and then since Monday is a holiday i get a 3-day weekend to help ease me back into full-time work.  Thinking about actually doing resolutions for this year, so will probably make that a post for tomorrow.


Judith said...

Looks like you had an awesome New Year's celebration. If I ever get to be in Japan for it I would hope to get bad fortune. It just looks too cool how all the omikuji are tied up together. And aren't they all burnt together? For some reason I think that really, well, romantic. LOL!

-phx- said...

From what i've heard, yes they are all burnt together! I kind of wanted to take mine with me though because i couldn't read some of the kanji and i wanted to find out what it said. I took pictures of it though so i hope i can figure it out from those.

Judith said...

What if you accidentally burnt a good fortune? Is that considered bad?

-phx- said...

Ummm... not sure! I really don't know much about omikuji. My friends even had to tell me whether mine was good or not, lol.

~* Shaly Monster *~ said...

awesome times!!! had a blast with you two, as always. hisashiburi ni besties beginning another year together <3!!

-phx- said...

Shaly- <3 i'm glad i got to spend another New Year with you guys too!! We gotta do 2013 together too!

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