Dec 27, 2011

Christmas, Continued

Didn't quite get around to my post about Christmas Day when i had hoped to.  Been trying to get a lot done these past couple days before the New Year's holiday starts.  We get the 29th-3rd off, hooray!  Relaxation.  But then, come the 10th, i have to fill in for Mama Ann while she's home in the Philippines for a month.  Will be exhausting but the extra money will be nice..

Anywho, let's see what "Santa" brought.

From a couple of my students- adorable washcloths!  I don't think i want to use them because they're too cute. :3

Christmas Day- Santa sure was nice this year!  (Note the chocolate orange.  Yumm).  Felt like a kid waking up on Christmas morning to lots of gifts to open.  :)    

My dad had sent my PrismaColor pencils and pad of Bristol paper for me.  I knew he was sending it, because i asked for it, but i was only expecting the box and the pad.  Forgot about my extra pencils and my sketch kit.  Excited to use them again. :)  Also got some Christmas moneys from him too. 

Lots of comfort food from my mum. :D

From M-sensei, my lady-boss.  Muji-brand hot water bottle (i love the Muji store, going there makes me want to have a house to furnish and decorate.  And wow, hot water bottle!  Feels like the olden days.  But it's awesome and warm).  Cute little edamame cloth (noticing a trend with the washcloths?), and some really tasty gummy candies.  <3

Cookies, warm winter undershirts, and a thick warm jacket from my Boss and his wife.  :)

Also got cards from a couple relatives and friends.  Thank you to everyone for thinking of me, you are awesome!

Just a quick mention about my babies now, before i post this and head off to bed.  Baby R-kun is walking so well now. *sniff*  It'll still be a few months yet, but i don't want him to be moved from the baby room to the toddler room!  Yama-chan (who i don't think i've mentioned by name yet) is progressing slowly with his walking but he's getting there.  He's about 14 months now, but has still to take more than one step on his own, whereas Baby R-kun and A-chan- who both just turned 1 a couple weeks ago- are walking quite well.  But he is the best at mimicking and responding.  He claps when i sing "If You're Happy and You Know It" and touches his head and his toes when i sing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes".  It's adorable.  
And Older R-kun (the one who loves cars) has been proving that he is understanding, at least sometimes!  I thought last time was a fluke when i asked for a certain car and he'd pick it up, but he did it again today.  And while he still doesn't really say more than a few choice words (all vehicle-related except for 貸して when he wants something... though he doesn't pronounce it as kashite, it's more like kakaka...) he's good at mimicking intonation and was mimicking me today when i was saying "ambulance".  I love this kid, i think i might steal him.  ;)  And man, i wish i could post photos and videos of them all here but alas, no can do.  Can't even have photos or videos of them for myself..  :-/

Well off to bed now.  One more day of work, then heading to a 忘年会 (year-end party) with my old housemates afterward, then heading home to dye my hair, finish cleaning, and pack for my trip early Thursday morning to Mito!  Spending New Year's vacation with the Besties, sooo excited. :D


Jacky said...

White Cheddar Cheezits...yum! I splurged and bought some at one of the big-chain grocery stories (they cost around $8). Looks like you rocked quite a bit of gifts. Grats!

~* Shaly Monster *~ said...

just look at all the goodies you got!! that's so nice <3!! all the Christmas presents i got before I meet you and Sun were all from Santa Shaly... at least she was good to me. haha. your babies are growing up so fast!! *sniff sniff* mine are all too grown to cry over. lol

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