Dec 3, 2011

When I Say "Gah", We Gah

Got back from an amazing time at Fuji-Q Highland last Sunday to find that my wireless modem had shut off so i was again without internet and unable to post about my nice Thanksgiving weekend.  Now after nearly a week of restarting my modem and computer numerous times each day i'm finally connected again!  *sigh*  These internet troubles won't go away until i get a new computer, it seems.  But that's not going to happen for a while, so i guess i just gotta deal.  Piece of SH*T!

Will try to post about last weekend tomorrow.  For now just an update about recent happenings, though nothing too exciting.
Winter is definitely upon us now, it seems.  I've always heard that Japanese houses are poorly insulated/get super cold in the winter, and judging so far from my time in my apartment i can definitely vouch for that!  It kind of sucks.  In Seattle i could usually get by without using my heat at all.  My apartment here though, i swear it's just as cold as outside.  My boss gave me a little electric space-heater though, so i've been making good use of that in the evenings.  I don't use it when i'm sleeping though.  Burrowing in my futon keeps me plenty warm.  I've also been taking the advice of this site and keeping my thick curtains closed at night.  I might try that bubble-wrap idea too.  It does kind of suck to get up in the middle of the night to go pee and have to leave the warmth of my futon.  I wish i had a heated toilet seat but my toilet is old school.  At least it has a fabric toilet seat cover so i don't have to sit down on an icy seat!

Was shaken awake by a rather long earthquake this morning around 6am.  I was still half asleep though so i don't think i really realized what was happening.  I just got up and went pee and didn't think about it until i finally woke up again hours later.  I way overslept.. woke up at almost noon.  I think now since i keep my curtains closed the sunlight doesn't wake me up in the mornings like it used to.  Though it was cloudy and raining this morning so no sun anyway.  I had wanted to go to my acupuncturist since i didn't get to go last week, but the clinic is only open until 1pm on Saturdays so i wouldn't have made it.  Did some domestic-y things instead, like sweeping and cleaning the bathroom sink and toilet and shower, and did some grocery shopping too.
Going to do some Christmas shopping tomorrow, i'm actually excited!  Was going to do that today, but i didn't want to go out biking in the rain.  Forecast says it'll be sunny tomorrow, so crossing my fingers that it actually is.
Oh, and since it's finally December, i decided i could finally start getting into Christmas mode.  Retail has made me rather bitter towards the holidays, and i'm very much against anything Christmas-y appearing before Thanksgiving.  Japan though is really no different and i was seeing Christmas displays up even before Halloween.  I wanted to ask, "Why?  98% of you aren't even Christian!"  But i guess i can't complain, it is nice to have Christmas-y things and celebrations around just like back in the States, despite it being a bit different.  I made a little Christmas tree today out of the colored construction paper i had with me (the props i made for my Amity interview) and it's in the window of my dining room now.  I think i'll get a couple other little things at the 100yen store tomorrow.  Just a little wreath for my front door and maybe some garland or tinsel.  I don't want to start accumulating a whole lot of things that i'll have to haul around with me should i need to relocate or anything!

One last thing, i just need to gush about my babies at work because they're adorable and i'm so proud of them, so bear with me for a sec!  Or just skip the rest of this, i won't be offended lol.
So, i worked a half-day yesterday.. i usually have Fridays off but since there have been no Saturday students recently i've started doing 5-hour shifts on Fridays instead (yes, that's literally a half-day since Monday through Thursday i work about 10 hours!  It's actually not bad, the time goes by pretty fast), and while i'd actually prefer it to be this way i know my boss wants to try to get some students back on Saturday so i know it won't last... :( 
Anyway, Mama Ann came in around 3pm as she usually does, and by around 4pm i was getting ready to leave.  Baby R-kun (my favourite of the babies, remember.  Not to be confused with R-kun, my favourite of the toddlers!) was standing up holding on to the toy shelves, or maybe holding on to M-sensei's legs i don't remember.  Anyway,  he turned, let go and just started walking toward Mama Ann!  She and i both screamed and looked at each other with our eyes all huge and our mouths open, and i think we scared M-sensei because she whipped around and was like, "What happened??"  He had only been able to take 1 or 2 steps on his own before, before falling down, but this time he took at least 6 steps, but i think probably more.  And i remember when he first started crawling too *sniff!*
Also, a bit about R-kun now (not Baby R-kun).  I think this happened Thursday night.  R-kun is always the last to be picked up, usually between 6:30 or 7pm.  I was sitting with him and playing with him with his mini cars (his favourite thing in the world), and each time i'd ask "Where's the ambulance?" or "Where's the mail truck?" he'd grab the correct car!  I was quite surprised to say the least!  And while it could've just been a fluke, i still thought it was awesome that he might possibly actually understand me and be remembering words!  He's almost 2 and hasn't really started speaking yet.. mainly just "bye-bye" and a couple other Japanese words, though not really clearly as he mainly just mimics the intonation with consonant sounds but doesn't really say the actual word, if that makes sense.
Well, should be off to bed now as i don't want to sleep the day away again tomorrow.  Toodles.


Mom said...

I always LOVE reading your blog and hearing what you've been
doing. Did you speak English to the baby that knew what to pick up? That's pretty amazing. :o)

Is there anything small that I could send to you for Christmas? Underwear? Knit scarf, hat, gloves or mittens? Christmas decorations? Candy canes?
Chocolate? Please let me know ASAP. I don't have a lot of money, but I would like to send you something.

Love you

~* Shaly Monster *~ said...

awwww!! that's just precious!!! I CAN'T STAAAAAAAAND IT!!! glad to see that your little behbehs are filling your life with smiles and cuteness <3. but try to keep warm!! i'm also freezing my ass of here, but i did buy a little fleece for my legs so i don't completely turn into ice. feels really gramma-ish

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