Dec 17, 2011

My High Class Weekend

Have neglected writing any real updates this past week.  Those meds kicked in pretty quick and i was feeling loads better the next day.  Well, except for my stomach which i believe was from pill-overload, so i stopped taking them since they did their job quite well.

I've been meaning to blog about the night i took that Tokyo Tower picture, but that was last weekend already, and i already have more adventures from this weekend to write about!  Last week's adventures first though, i suppose!

So, last Saturday i rushed through some chores and errands before i made my way to Harajuku to do a little shopping before i was to meet up with S.  See, i had to go pick out a dress.  Truly a shock to anyone who knows me... i haven't really willingly worn a dress since i was a wee little thing (prom junior year and my sister's wedding were the most recent dress-wearing occasions, so it was kind of obligatory that i wear one).  I felt that that night kind of warranted a dress though, but more on that later.

Was afraid of running late so i rushed out of the station and started down Takeshita-street to pop into a few of my choice stores to see if a could find a dress that i would be alright with wearing.  I was barely 2 minutes down the street when some guy was next to me trying to get my attention.  I wish i could ignore people sometimes, but being too nice i stopped to find out what he wanted.  
"本当に綺麗ですね," he said.  You're so pretty.
Well, that's new!  Usually it's "cute".
But oh, haha, ummm thanks?!
He insisted i keep going on my way and he'd just walk with me and talk.  The thing、though, was that i was trying to find a store down a little side street and i was trying to focus on where i was going.  I ended up looking like a fool, stopping mid-conversation to look around confusedly trying to figure out if i'd passed the street or not, and walking up and down the street at least a couple times.  Finally he left and i was able to find my store.  I suppose i should've been flattered but i just wanted to do my damn shopping in peace!  He had wasted at least 20 minutes of my precious shopping time so i was feeling quite rushed by then, which i hate when i'm shopping, especially for clothes.
Luckily, it didn't take me long to find a dress that i actually thought was cute, and it was super cheap too!  Only about $25.

I didn't wear it just like this mind you, i did have leggings and a jacket.. far too cold to wear as-is just yet!
 Sorry, no picture of me in it.  I just don't think the world is ready for that yet..

Regardless of making good time, when i got to the station and saw a crowd formed outside and heard the announcements going over the loudspeakers, i knew my rushing was all in vain.  I checked the monitors near the ticket gates and sure enough, the Yamanote Line (as well as a few others), the one line i needed to take, was to be halted for nearly an hour, due to a 人身事故 (jinshin jiko).  A "human accident".  I figured it was a pretty bad one, considering the length of the delay.  One side of the Yamanote Line started running sooner than anticipated, but of course the side i needed to take was delayed more that an hour.

Finally got to Roppongi, after having to wait in the cold for that long.  
Now, on to why i needed the dress.  I was meeting S and a couple of her good students, who are also her self-proclaimed J-parents, for dinner at Azure 45 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, where we would also be staying for the night!  Her J-parents i guess have been wanting to meet me for a while, so when they planned their little Roppongi excursion they invited me as well.  :)
Anyway, I don't think the restaurant has a dress-code, but i just couldn't see showing up there in jeans and a hoodie like i usually wear.  Even with the dress i still felt... under-dressed, lol.  Dinner was amazing though.  It was a bit weird having the waiters fuss over us so much, like waiting to push our chairs in for us every time we got up and came back from looking out the window at the eclipse that was happening that night, and to replace the napkin on our laps every time haha.  But the food, though sometimes i was unsure of how to eat it exactly, was absolutely delicious.  I had wanted to get pictures of it but my camera sucks at taking low-light pictures and the only light we had were a couple of candles at our table... Do rich people like eating in the dark or something??

After dinner and lots of pictures (not taken by me though!) we dropped our bags off in our room then headed to my and S's club of choice, same one we went to a couple times during Golden Week back in May.  I think the club was a bit overwhelming for S's J-parents because i don't think they stayed for even an hour.. :(  S and i stayed the whole night though, almost until they closed at 5am.  Met quite a few people, including a guy who had studied at Ritsumeikan University, which surprised me since many of my good friends go there!  It was fun though, but i'm sure it's the club that triggered the cold, because of the smoke and the close proximity to people, and trying to talk/yelling over the music the entire night which made my throat raw, then walking around after sweating all night, outside in the freezing cold for almost an hour trying to find our way back to the hotel, haha.  Those five-star beds were sooooooo amazingly comfortable though!  And the bathroom!  I wish i had taken a picture of it, i swear it was just about as big as my bedroom.  It was glorious, made you feel rich even just taking a piss.
Despite the lack of sleep and the sickness that followed, i really enjoyed my weekend as a rich person!  It was also nice to meet S's J-parents too, they are such nice people and they even payed for everything!  I still have to run by the Fujiya near my apartment to get them a nice thank you gift~ 

The picture of our view from the restaurant, again.  I quite love this picture.  :3


Judith said...

Sounds like an amazing night! Will we get to see pictures of the room you stayed in?

That dress is really cute. Maybe next time we get to see you in it?

-phx- said...

Posted the only 2 room pictures i got in my new post. :)
Thanks! I don't know that i even got any pictures of me in the dress though, haha.

Judith said...

Well, you might surprise yourself and wear the dress more often. Now that you have it? no?

Gina said...

That really is a very cute dress.

~* Shaly Monster *~ said...

that weekend was super fun!! i'm glad that you liked my J-Rents as much as they liked youuu. they were mentioning the trip to their friends at the Christmas party we went to a few weeks ago and they were describing you to everyone as a 美人 =P

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