Nov 24, 2011


For those of you in the US, your Thanksgiving preparation have just barely started (or will be starting soon), and before long you'll be gathered around the table stuffing your faces and stomachs with all that delicious food you slaved over for all day.

My Thanksgiving is nearing an end, and it passed as normally as any other day.  Work from 10:45am to 8:30pm.  Come home, eat, and veg out in front of the computer.

I did get a day off yesterday, however, for 勤労感謝の日 (kinrou kansha no hi; "Labour Thanksgiving Day"... most of my students were calling it "Thank You For Working Day" lol, but i think a better term is "Worker Appreciation Day".. kind of like Labour Day i guess).  Didn't do much yesterday but i did get out to the recycle shop a couple stations over and got a new little toaster oven.

No worries, i will be celebrating Thanksgiving soon enough, with as much of the traditional foods and i can make with two burners, an itty-bitty toaster oven (the inside is about 24x20cm), and limited ingredients!  S is coming down for the weekend and we'll be spending Thanksgiving together with an additional friend or two.  I've decided i'm going to attempt a pumpkin cheesecake.  We'll see how that goes over in the toaster oven, lol.

To celebrate at least a little bit today, after i post this i'm going to watch a Thanksgiving episode of Rugrats that i downloaded a while ago but haven't watched yet.  Rugrats was definitely my favourite show growing up, and i'll admit i still enjoy it.  :)

So i'll leave you all with a festive video that i've already watch at least a half-dozen times since J posted it the other day:

(A little inappropriate, and a lot funny!)
"Mom knew Thanksgiving wasn't about turkeys. It's about turkey, and being turkeys."

Enjoy your Thanksgivings, and think of me as you dig into the green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, Grandma R's pink fruit salad, and pumpkin pie.  (But not the turkey... urkey.  Ick!)


dubs :3 said...

Omg Rugrats...blast from the past right there! And thanks for spreading the word about that video...ideo.

I'm thankful I've got YOOOOOOOUUUU!

~* Shaly Monster *~ said...

mine was pretty uneventful too. sadness. but i celebrated it by eating all sorts of junk food! especially donuts with milk tea. them shits was delicious. haha. but i can't wait to make deliciousness meals with you!! wonder if anyone else will show up at all at this point tho... lol

-phx- said...

Thank you for sharing that video in the first place! It has made up for the fact that i don't get an actual real Thanksgiving. :D

I'm thankful i've got yoooouuu too! ..oo!

-phx- said...

Shaly- Donuts with milk tea... i'd say that almost makes up for it! And Sho-sho texted me today asking what station to come to, so pretty sure he's coming at least. :D

cristi said...

Hahahaha that video was awesome. It made my morning. That and Beauty and the Beast being on the Disney Channel
We almost weren't gonna have green bean casserole but I protested that nonsense. For what is thanksgiving without it???

-phx- said...

Beauty and the Beast! I haven't watched that for so long, now i want to see it.
And that is absolute nonsense! Whoever heard of no green bean casserole at Thanksgiving? I have not been able to find cream of mushroom soup or French fried onions but i'm going to do my best to improvise.

Judith said...

Pumpkin cheesecake sounds amazing!!! How did it turn out? Any pictures?

-phx- said...

Going to attempt it tonight! I'll post pictures even if it's a disaster. ;D

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