Nov 6, 2011

Long Time No Post/ Halloween Weekend


Getting used to this whole no-internet thing.  It's not so bad really, but i just feel so out of the loop when i log on again and see what's happening in the world (i don't have TV so i can't watch the news or anything either).  Haha.

Anyway, a couple pre-typed entries of recent happenings:

November 1st

Halloween Weekend

Halloween has definitely been gaining popularity here in the recent years, within the past 5 years or so, from what i'm told.  I was surprised when, at least a month before Halloween, i found tons of Halloween decorations for sale at the 100yen stores in my area, and both Don Quijote and Tokyu Hands had big Halloween displays selling decorations, candy, and costumes.  There was also a really huge Halloween parade in Kawasaki on the 30th.  I wish i had gone to that.. my friend showed me pictures and it looked pretty awesome.  Next year for sure!

So i definitely did get a pretty good celebration in for Halloween.  Saturday i headed to my old guesthouse for the party with the students and teachers.  I had bought a Pikachu kigurumi at Don Quijote the day before, so i brought that with me in my backpack and put it on once i got there.  (I considered wearing it on the train, but i'm not brave enough to go out in costume here on my own!  I bring enough attention to myself as it is, just being not Asian).  Lots of the students there loved the costume, especially the ladies: "Oh, Pikachu!  How cute!"  "Kawaii!!" (a word i hear far too much..) as they played with my Pikachu ears and tugged on my sleeves.  It was a lot of fun, and even Mr. Boss Man, who is usually very mellow/monotonous/disgruntled, was in good spirits and pulled me in for a picture with him, which ended up being named as the "Best Picture of the Night".

The "Best Picture of the Night"

Package from Mum!
Sunday i spent a lot of time cleaning the apartment, and putting up some of the decorations my mom sent for me (thanks Mum!).  As i wrote about before, i did get a couple things from the 100yen shop, but was about to go out and buy some more the day the package arrived.

I also made some Halloween onigiri and bought some candies.  Gaki-chan showed up around 5, and we hung out in our costumes until S arrived, then we started feasting and drinking.  Mr. Rich Man had said he would come when i asked him a few days before.  Him being who he is, is very fickle and despite him saying so, i didn't think he'd actually come.  But he did!  Ohhh, did he ever.  Of course he, being who he is, had the most amazing(ly inappropriate) costume ever.  He showed up in his normal clothes, motorcycle helmet in tow, then went into the bathroom to change.  He was in there for a while, so both S and i were expecting something great.  Gaki-chan hasn't known Mr. Rich Man as long as we have so i don't think he knew what Mr. Rich Man is capable of.  Despite our expectations, we still weren't expecting something so spectacular!  I think the video speaks plenty.

Couldn't even laugh properly.  Listen to my ridiculous hyperventilating!

After a bit we decided to head over to the station in costume.  Mr. Rich Man of course covered up a bit.. we didn't want any issues with the police.  We stood around for a while at the east exit, greeting people with "Happy Halloween!"s.  Some people ignored us completely, others gawked as they walked by without responding to our greetings or waving, some gave a smile or nod and maybe a reply of "Happy Halloween" in return, and then there were some who were so thrilled and estatic to see us!  They would shout "Pikachu!!" or "Buzz!" or "Michael!", and "Happy Halloween!" and jump up and down or wave both arms high over their head, or come up to us for hugs or high-fives or pictures, it was a lot of fun.  Pikachu definitely got the most attention though, while poor Santa got next to none.  At one point, a group of policemen walked by.  We actually weren't doing or saying anything as they approach, and at first they passed by us and i thought they were just on there way to the koban at the end of the station, but they stopped a few meters from us in a little group, chatted amongst themselves for a few seconds, then a couple of them broke away to come tell us "お静かに".  Please be quiet.  Was kind of miffed at that.  For one, we weren't being any louder than a lot of the drunken groups are that wander around at night.  Two, we were outside of a bustling station which is loud anyway, not in a quiet neighborhood where people are trying to sleep.  I think since all they do all day is sit around in their police box and give directions to people they feel the need to hastle someone to make themselve feel like they're "protecting" their neighborhood.  So yes, protect your neighborhood from some excitement and Halloween cheer.  We decided next year we'd probably head in to Tokyo instead, maybe around Harajuku or Shinjuku or Shibuya, a place with a bit more nightlife where we can't be heckled for being "loud". 
The others were wanting to head back at that point, but i convinced them to just go walking around a bit and greet people as we pass.  We headed down one of the busier streets with a lot of pubs and shops that were still open and got a few more great reactions.  One guy from a restaurant standing outside (workers often stand out in front of their stores advertising and trying to coerse people inside), said "Pikachu!" as we walked by.  I waved and jumped excitedly for him, and then he went on (in English!) "Pikachu, I love you!"  So i echoed back, "I love you!" 
He continued- "I want you!"  I echoed him again.
"I need you!" 
It was too funny, so i ran back to him for high-fives and hugs.  I hope i made his night, because he sure made mine, haha.

We finally headed back to my place, changed back into normal clothes, then headed back to the station- west exit this time- to an izakaya.  Enjoyed a lot of delicious food, and by the time we got back to my place again it was around 3am and we were all exhausted and crashed on the uncomfortable wood floor.  Well, Mr. Rich Man was smart and crashed on the sofa-bed but the rest of us were sharing a blanket on the floor.

Spooky cobwebs in the genkan!
Halloween banner!
Halloween onigiri
Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!
Pikachu texting to find out WTF people are
Michael Jackson back from the grave to Thrill(er) us on Halloween!
And of course, sexy Santa paid us a visit too.  Couple months early but whatever.
Some girls that were very happy to see us at the station  :)
Zonked out after a long night
 The next morning we all got up and showered and changed, and since we were quite hungry and there was nothing left to eat but candy, and since Mr. Rich Man was wanting some soba or udon he looked up restaurants around my neighborhood and discovered that what i thought was a house just across the street from me is actually a really nice restaurant!  So we went there and had some amazing food before everyone parted ways and i headed in to work.

My lunch set, soooo goooood!
G-chan's lunch
S's lunch
And Mr. Rich Man's lunch!
Monday i had to work, but i did wear my Jack Skellington shirt S had gotten me for Christmas last year, and the pumpkin socks my mum had sent me, to be festive.  The only group of adult students that day brought in cookies and candy and we snack on them while we talked, and when i got home that night i watched Hocus Pocus (as is my Halloween tradition!) while i ate dinner, so i did do some celebrating on actual Halloween as well.

In short, Halloween this year certainly didn't disappoint, but next year's will surely be better.  :)


Mom said...

Haha! Glad you enjoyed Halloween and made use of the decorations & socks.
I still remember your awesome Edward Scissor Hands costume. I think it was your best costume, yet! Even though you got in deep sh*t for dying your hair black! You naughty girl! ;o)

Love you & miss you

Judith said...

Mr Rich man is THE MAN. nuff said.

-phx- said...

Haha, he certainly knows how to liven any party. ;D

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