Oct 19, 2011

Monjayaki Adventure

Last Saturday i met up with Gaki-chan in Ueno after work (which wasn't actually work because the only student that day ended up not showing up).  We walked around chatting, looked at costumes in ドンキホーテ (Don Quijote), and took purikura while waiting for another UW friend to come pick us up.  Komo-chan picked us up in his parent's cute red Beetle, and took us over to Roppongi for dinner.  Neither G-chan nor i had ever tried monjayaki before so we decided to do that.  My favourite Japanese food for sure is okonomiyaki, and monjayaki i guess is the "Tokyo version" of it, though it's a lot less solid than okonomiyaki, and to be honest a lot less appetizing-looking.  To be blunt it kinda looks like someone just threw up on the table.

But i'll tell you what, if only throw up tasted so good!

I'll stop with that now.  I'm sure no one will want to try it with a description like that.

It got Gaki-chan's stamp of approval too!

Oh, the purikura machine spit out some fake eyelashes with our pictures (why??), and the guys were both good sports and modeled them for me.

We followed the monjayaki with good-old okonomiyaki, then finally some yaki-soba.  After eating we walked down the street to a club, but not before stopping in to the really exciting Don Quijote to try on the Halloween hats they had on display.

So festive!

Bit blurry, but the lights kept changing color.  It looked awesome!  And for some reason kind of makes me think of the Cell Block Tango, from Chicago.

 And this is completely unrelated to anything, but i still laugh every time i look at this:

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