Oct 18, 2011

Things I (Dis)Like About Japan

I wrote before a "Things I Like About Japan".  There are a lot of things here that i like, but still, no place is perfect, so to keep things balanced i'm also going to post about things i dislike about Japan.

First thing- the lack of clothes driers.

Before coming to Japan, while i was living on my own, i actually did hang-dry my clothes a lot of the time, to save energy/electricity/money.  But when it's rainy or extremely windy outside, or in the winter when the days are extremely cold, hang-drying sucks.  You hang your clothes up outside because it's sunny, but a freak storm blows in and gets everything wet.  Or the wind simply picks up and blows your clothes to the ground and they need to be washed again.  Or in the dead of winter it takes ages for anything to dry and the shirt you hoped to wear is still damp the next day.
But still, the majority of people here don't use driers, and most apartments will have a washer but no drier.  So, on days like those mentioned above (in the case of this past Saturday, my laundry day, it was rainy) you have to get creative with your hanging and end up with clothes and various linens up all around the house.

Towels hanging above the washer
Futon mattress cover hung between two chairs
Futon blanket cover tied up in the window
Clothes hanging in the window, and futon mattress and blanket draped over the couch

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