Oct 2, 2011

Ohh, technology!

((Wrote this up last night while i didn't have any connection to the internet.  L, my laptop (yes, i name my electronics, and yes, he is named after L from Death Note because i'm a nerd like that he's awesome.. L is, not my laptop) is actually being good now and connecting to my wifi, so he may not have to be replaced after all!  Yet.  *knocks on wood*))

Oct. 2nd

Well, my neighbors decided to stop being nice and sharing their internets with me and since L is old and cranky and won't connect to my own wifi, and won't even let me use Microsoft Word anymore either, i'm typing this up on WordPad and will get around to posting it whenever i can get access to internet.  Time to start shopping for a new laptop, sadly..  In the meantime i'll have to hunt down a manga/internet cafe or something, or wait until next weekend when i head up to the guesthouse for Princess Bride movie night with my old housemates to post this.

This weekend, compared to last, was rather quiet and lonely.  Friday i did domestic-y household things, like laundry and dishes, and airing out my futon.  I was told that you need to air out your futon occasionally so it doesn't get all mildewy.  Don't know how often it's supposed to be done (or if it really does absolutely need to be done..) but on Fridays when i do laundry i hang it out over the balcony for a few hours of fresh air.  I'm just waiting for the day that i forget about it and it starts pouring and gets soaked, or gets blown away or something.
After the laundry was washed and hung out to dry i walked to the next station over to have a look at the Halloween decorations at Daiso.  The selection was rather small but i did get a couple things like a little stuffed pumpkin, black cat, and a big glittery pumpkin window sticker!  Unfortunately all of my windows (except on the sliding doors in my room) are textured glass, so Mr. Pumpkin wouldn't stick on them and i was resigned to putting him on my fridge, so now when i'm on my laptop, anytime i look up he's staring at me with his black soul-less eyes and doofy toothless smile.
Well herro!
Saturday was work.  This was the first Saturday that we started doing English, since before it was always just Monday through Friday.  My boss decided to start doing it on Saturdays too since some people who were interested in doing English lessons were too busy during the week.  It went well, and the last two students cancelled so we got to leave early, which was good as i was quite tired and was having a hard time stifling my yawns during lessons!  I wasn't able to get to sleep until after 3am, and then just before 5am my phone started ringing.  Very confused and disoriented i answered it.  It was one of my Korean friends KJ, calling from his friend's phone, but the whole time i thought it was his friend who until that point i had only messaged with and never actually talked to.  The whole conversation was crazy and disjointed and was just a big jumble of Japanese and English and Korean (i communicate with KJ and his friend in Japanese, since i know 2 words of Korean, and their English is limited to swears lol) and the whole time i was thinking "Geeze this guy is just as freaking nuts as KJ!"  Who is indeed freaking nuts.  I think the "conversation" went on for almost 20 minutes, and ended with me still very confused, until i got a message right afterward from KJ's friend saying "Sorry about that, KJ is drunk..."  To which i wrote back, "Oh wait, that wasn't you?"  It all made sense then, why nothing made sense, haha!  Anyway, because of that ordeal i wasn't able to fall back asleep until around 6am, then had to get up for work a few hours later.  Hooray for drunken calls at obscene hours!
After work i headed to the old guesthouse for the Welcome Back party being held for 'Boston' who had been gone for a month visiting family and friends back in the US.  It was the first time since i moved that i had been back.  It was fun, and was good to see everyone again and hang out.  After the party a few of us went out for more drinks, although most of us just settled for tea or juice. 

Today was rather uneventful too, but it was nice to relax a bit.  Late afternoon i headed over to the station to have a look at the big department store inside, and also went into a few shops on the east side of the station too, to look for a Halloween costume.  Didn't find what i was looking for (not that i would've been able to buy it today anyway!) but it was still fun to get out and look around.  I did find some Halloween garland that i'll go back and buy if i have left-over grocery money this week, and i did indulge in some Halloween KitKats, because i just couldn't pass them up!  I mean Pumpkin Cheese Cake flavoured, come on.  Could you have passed them up??  Okay, i'm sure you could've, but as for me, i'm a sucker for pumpkin-flavoured things.  And cheese cake is just as delicious.

Hmm, i think they'll have to go in the fridge though.  I kept glancing over at them as i was writing, trying to resist, but i just ate another one.  Gotta make them last at least a little bit!

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