Oct 3, 2011

So this may be good bye for a while

Contemplating leaving my laptop on forever, since i'm afraid that once i turn him off he won't be able to connect to the internet again for weeks like before...
But well, here's one more post before that happens then!

For dinner tonight i attempted some Korean bibimbap, with quite successful results if i do say so myself!  I wanted to use up some of the veggies in my fridge, so i julienned some carrots and cucumber, sauted some spinach with sesame oil and soy sauce, marinated some sliced tofu in a mix of soy sauce, sugar and ginger, arranged all that on top of some rice, and finished off with a fried egg and some sweet chili sauce all mixed in.  Usually it's a raw egg, but that's just a bit too... egckh! for me.  Also chili paste is more traditional, but i had sweet chili sauce so that was good enough for me.
The results-


In the words of Brenda Dickson, absolutely delicious.

A little bright spot at work today- was reading a counting book with the little three-year-old girl in the toddler's room, and got her to count up to six.  A few minutes later she was sitting off on her own and counting all her stuffed Pooh-chans.  In English!  Cue me being overly exciting and high-fiving her.  :)  Totally made my day.
Off to bed now.
Well, after a couple more Youtube videos.
In a Korean mood after my dinner, so i leave you with this-

Baby good night, sexy dreams all.


Mom said...

YUM! Your description and photo made me hungry! Glad you are enjoying
your job and the 3 year olds. too! Love & miss you! Mummy xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

benji said...


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RapidSSL said...

it's really amazing pictures, thanks for sharing with us Japanese snaps...!

cristi said...

Miss M*** that looked absolutely wonderous!!! It would've been lovely to enjoy your meal with you. And now Baby Goodnight is stuck in my head, with its random French at the end.

-phx- said...

Mum- I'll cook for you when you come visit. :)

Rapid- Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you're enjoying the pictures.

Cristi- I wish you could've been here to share it with me! I made it with you in mind. <3

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