Oct 17, 2011

In my abscence

Oh the times we live in.. depending on technology for everything.  Being without internet for almost 2 weeks was pretty tough.  Not only did i feel really disconnected from my friends/family/the world, but i was really. stinking. bored!
Now, what did i do with myself before the days of the internet?  (Saying that makes me feel kinda old... "Aah yes, i remember those days before the World Wide Web!") 

Well, i'd play video/computer games (i always remember having a computer, even before the net... we had games on floppy disks!!)- while i have my DS with me i only have a couple games, and i did play Oregon Trail once on the laptop, but i don't have any other computer games with me.

I'd read- and i did.  I have a short novel in Japanese that a friend lent me (「蛇にピアス」, "Snakes and Earrings" if you're interested.  It's been pretty cool so far, but i'm only 1/4 of the way through).  Reading kanji though is still a bitch and it's very time-consuming.  I didn't bring any books with me from the US (aside from a textbook) due to the fact that i'd have to haul them all with me across the country, so most of the reading i do is on the internet..

I also did a lot of drawing and writing back in the day too.  I always had a notebook with me and was working on writing some story or book or other.  I wish i still had the same imagination/creativity that i used to.. I did do a sketch in my sketchbook the other week.  I've realized i really miss drawing.  It sorta died once i entered University and that sort of ate up my life.  I keep finding myself wishing that i'd brought my PrismaColor pencils and Bristol board with me..

Play with friends- which i did on occasion the past couple weeks.  Met up with my old housemates on the 9th.  One of the guys does Thai massage so he had a little demo that we all went to at a nearby public city center building.  Thing.  Then after that we all went and bought food to bring back to the guesthouse and we all watched The Princess Bride!  That movie never gets old.  "Mawwige!  Mawwige is what bwings us togevah, today!"  "Have you the wing?"

Watch movies- i definitely did plenty of that!  Coming home from work at night and not really having much to do to kill time, most nights i did dinner and a movie.  I was afraid i would have to go through all my movies, then would have to re-watch them all over and over and over..  Got through Lord of the Rings Pt.1 (would've watched the rest of them, but for some reason i only have 1 and 3, so i put off watching 3 until i can find 2 somewhere..), Dances With Wolves, Heathers, Wayne's World 2, and Wristcutters.

Watch TV- Definitely couldn't do that.. no TV here!  I might invest in a little one eventually.  Maybe.  I did watch an episode of Rugrats (omg, so nostalgic!) that i had downloaded last year to my laptop.  The Passover Episode, i love it.

What did you do for fun or in your free time, before there was internet?

First night of Dinner and a Movie.  That curry was bomb, if i do say so myself!  Lasted for 3 dinners too.  Gotta love curry

In a moment of extreme boredom, i discovered some exciting and silly photo options on my phone, so spent a while taking silly pictures too:

Silly Glasses Only

There was an option where the phone would take six to nine pictures in rapid succession, so i had fun trying to see how many different expressions i could get in at once.  Here are just a couple of those- me in all of my un-makeuped, pajama'ed glory.  Also, these made me realize just how ginormous my eyes really are.  I guess it doesn't help that i was opening them really wide anyway..
Found this when i went to the convenience store with the old housemates.  We all agreed that this tea sounds rather naughty.  And for some reason whenever i see this picture i get that "Sex on the Beach" song stuck in my head, except that it goes "Break! Break! Break on the desk!" And then i see my crazy Korean friend KJ doing his "Sex on the Beach" dance, in my head.  Same as the guy from the video, but with much more exaggerated pelvic thrusts, lol.  By the way, Break on the Desk would be an awesome name for a cocktail, if it's not already!

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