May 7, 2011


Forgot to post about the barbeque we had at our friend's house the other day, all friends we had met at UW and spent a lot of time with, but hadn't seen for almost a year.  It was so awesome to see them again and we had so much fun at Mr. Rich Man's house. (Seriously, house is huge and awesome).


 With Spike, the cuuuute ickle beagle  :D

 The ladies (after our night out at the club, lol)

 Mr. Rich Man

 Taking shelter from the rain under the big umbrellas

 The grill!

 They even bought... bear meat!

 It's typical.  Oooh, how i missed the Ghetto Booty!

 Mr. Rich Man's even got a bar in his basement, with beer on tap too lol

 Busted out the Twister!



Gina said...

That is a really nice house he has! Looks like a fun BBQ! And lol, that he mooned you guys! ; )

-phx- said...

Haha, mooning people is his thing. It happens multiple times pretty much every time we hang out! :D

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