May 11, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened...

So yesterday S and i got home around noon- we had stayed at one of S's friend's place in Chiba since we'd gone out for dinner/drinks with a bunch of her friends/former students and couldn't make the last train back.  
But anyway, after we got back and showered we decided to head over to the supermarket down the street to stock up on some food for the next few days, to try and save money.
We got back to the hostel, and the guy at the front desk greeted us, then was suddenly like, "Hey!"  We stopped and he came out from behind the counter to talk to us.  Funnily, we were both thinking 'Oh no, is he gonna say something about us not coming back last night?' which would've been funny since there's no lock-out or anything and we're still paying for our room either way, haha.  But instead he was all, This lady Hitomi who works with Fuji TV is looking for 2 girls to appear in this program that shows every Saturday are you interested?
Of course we both said, 'Of course!'  So he contacted her and she talked to us about what it would entail.  They needed 2 girls- one to get a straight-perm done and the other to sit and watch and comment on it.  We agreed, then later that night she stopped by the hostel with a couple people from the program, introduced us and gave us a business card, and told us she'd be by the next day around 9am to take us to the salon where they'd be doing the filming.  
We were both just kind of like, wow this is crazy!  It all happened so fast and seriously, what are the odds?

So we went in for the filming today, it was a pretty interesting experience, but it took forever!  First they had us stand in front of the salon and asked us questions- Do you have any expectations about Japanese salons?  Have you heard of this Japanese straight-perm technique?  Are you interested in Japanese fashion?  Things like that.  The reporter would ask us in Japanese, and we'd reply in English (since it was easier for us that way, lol).  Then they filmed us walking up to the front counter of the salon and the salon-lady (probably the owner?) greeted us, etc, etc.  Then they did a before shot of S's hair (since my hair is so short, obviously she was the one getting her hair done) before going through the whole straightening-procedure, which took almost 4 hours!  I had to stand and observe while making comments and asking questions.  Surprisingly i wasn't camera-shy, but since normally i'm just a quiet observer it was difficult to chime in with random comments or think of questions to ask.  And a lot of the questions they asked me were about procedures done in the US, so i had to BS some answers because i've never seen/had a permanent done before! So i may have given some wrong information about the American salon experience, haha. 
After it was all over, we got ¥3000 and went to get some late lunch with Hitomi before parting ways.
Again, all super sudden, but an exciting experience!  Can't wait to see how it turns out.. for all the filming they did it'll only be like a 10-minute segment on the show, so i'll probably only appear as a random creeper in the background, or at the end petting S's hair and commenting on how soft it is, lol.  Any of you in Japan interested in watching, it'll be on this Saturday (the 14th) at 9:55am, channel 8- the めざましどようびメガ program!

 (Panoramic view from the 20th floor of a building in Chiba)

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Gina said...

I think that's really cool about being asked to be on TV like that. : )

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