May 7, 2011

Happy Belly

People had been posting pictures and statuses on Facebook about Cinco de Mayo, and it made me jealous that i could not enjoy some delicious Mexican food in celebration.  So i did a quick Google search and found an authentic Mexican restaurant not too far from us, right on our train line, and decided to go there for dinner.

All authentic-looking inside too!

A bit expensive, with small portions, but oooooh so amazing!

I had the mushroom tacos. Amazing!


It's too blurry to tell, but that's a look of pure bliss right there!

I coulda seriously eaten 3 more of those tacos, but at 1150yen for the 3 i decided against it and had some tres leches cake instead.  It was absolutely wonderful too.  *drool*

I was still hungry, since i hadn't eaten all day.  S and i went on a quest for tortilla chips and salsa at the little supermarket near the hostel.  Found some salsa, but no tortilla chips.  We were about to give up when i spotted some Doritos, which made me extremely happy, so i got those and then saw some cheesey Ritz cracker sandwiches and got those too.  We came back to our room, i got a Pepsi from the vending machine downstairs, and we had a little comfort/junk-food party and watched Moon Child.  There are no words for that movie.  It's the most depressing movie ever, but at the same time also the most ridiculous and laughable movie too.  I've seen it probably at least 2 dozen times and it never gets old.

 Yummm, i want to eat them all over again.

Chillaxing and snacking. WOOH!

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